Physics Philosophy – Real Object Distance = Generator(Noise Distance)

The idea is simple. Everything. I mean everything. Need to be engineered.

Together with my Why power guess. Assume therefor a network. Then something like distance is not real or photo realistic without a generator network model. This in a GAN machine learning network.

This could perhaps explain why action at a distance work. The distance between two objects are ?two fold. The underlying noise distance and the real distance. The real distance. The physical distance is the generator model function of that noise distance.

This could mean the distance between ?small objects are pretty much non determined. You need a generator model to fixate that noise distance data.

For larger objects. Its probably not so simple. Perhaps its has got to do with a large number of random objects put together forming a mean value or something. So its basically a random distance with billions of limitations. Basically an ordinary object physics distance.