Physics Philosophy Speculation – Gravity Relation To A Machine Learning GAN . Gravity As The Generator. Mass As The Discriminator

I wonder. Is there a model relationship between gravity and a generative adversarial networks or a GAN’s. Since you can have forces that seems similar. Gravity and external forces. Then to get equivalence you get a problem much like existing in GAN solutions. You want a very good discriminator to be fooled by gravity.

Let say in the beginning there was a discriminator that could tell the difference between the two. What I am getting at is that a poorly constructed gravity solution is much easier to differentiate from other forces.

Then to link gravity to external forces you train the mass differentiator and the gravity generator until you can fool the mass that a gravity force mg is equivalent to an external force.

So the relationship could be that gravity is a complex machine learning network inspired by GAN’s. So gravity as a generator needs a noise source.

So a black hole needs a dense noise source to produce further reaching gravity. To be able to calculate a good generator as fast as possible to fool the mass discriminators ?along the way.