Water Preserving Question – Does A Healthy Living Lake Preserve Its Freshwater?

Water is important to life. Freshwater lakes in particular need to preserve its water. I therefor wonder if fish and plant life could create something of a machine learned algorithmic system to preserve its water.

I assume it could be some physical reason but I suspect life systems are the best longterm solution. One reason for this is that there exist storage treatment. Keeping the life and water in the lake healthy.

One guess could be that evaporation is a complex process. So that in order to alter it you need a complex life system. Water dissolves many things so maybe water evaporation reduction is connected to this.

So to make a summarization guess. Complex dissolve. Keeping the water closer to the dissolve truth than to the evaporation truth.

So the idea is to see if a freshwater lake of some size could be created as a water storage.