Water Preservation – Shower Suit For Men and Woman?

A quick idea.

The reason for a dedicated shower clothes is to preserve water. I believe its the heat from the water that prolongs its use.

So the idea is to have a special bading suit. To preserve heat and then also water.

So here is a product opportunity. A shower suits for men and women that preserves heat, dries up quickly and easy to wash in.

Or come think of it. Looking like a Borat swim suit might not be so popular. So maybe a ?larger shower towel or some like that works.

#dayzero Using Camping Products For Indoor Water Preservation – Camper Toilet And Shower?

First I was thinking. Add A Composting Toilet To The Bathroom. Then I got the idea to ?temporary replace indoor infrastructure with smarter inventions.

When we think water preservation we just see outdoor DIY inventions for the poor.

What if we use inventions like these for big houses or apartments. For instance. Is there a composting toilet we can install? Like a camper toilet? Another is to use a water reusing camping shower.

To defeat #dayzero are there more camping products we can use for indoors? Like a camping washing machine for clothes. Camping dish washing equipment and fosit replacement perhaps.

Distributed Water Desalination – Portable Boat Desalination Products?

Important idea

Could a distributed desalination system work. Portable marine desalination units. Looking at first unit I could find with google. The Rainman Portable Desalination. It does not look so big.

Since portable solar panels made a bigger difference to people lives than big solar farms. I wonder if the same could be true for water.

So the idea is for central water and distributed water to work together.

Everyone needs to have a portable desalination device and the needed solar panels.

Linux Hardware Idea – Hardware Accelarated Python Script?

As a strategy improvement for Linux.

Make code accessible and understandable to everyone. Most importantly to the younger generation. That is. To pass on knowledge and make genius improvements possible.

To achieve this I think we could have such a thing as hardware accelerated python.

Further I think we should have simulated hardware in accelerated python script. Different kind of CPU’s and GPU’s. This so knowledge is not left only to machine learning robots.

Water Usage Reduction Idea – Constructed Sun Shades For Cattle? To Prevent Food And Water Shortage

A quick idea.

I was wondering. After watching livestock images on wikipedia it struck me. What if we made ?movable sun shade constructions.

It seems obvious that if the animal is too hot it needs more water. So when water is scarce. They can still manage if more sun shade is available? Also could big low power fans work? 12 volt solar powered cattle fans?

Peace Idea – Dual Innovation Pledge Or Agreement Among Big Companies?

I’m wondering. Is there an open strategy that can be thought of to prevent the world from tearing itself apart in endless civil wars around the world?

A focus on refugee innovation. Food, water, jobs, electricity, …

What about a dual innovation pledge or agreement among big companies. Alongside your regular products or services. As there are emergency shelters, could there also exist emergency factories for jobs and needed products. Solar powered and ready to be deployed.

Why not innovate for refugee situations, innovate for a peaceful world.

Super Battery Idea Proportionally Different – Large And Small Battery Electrodes?

A quick idea after watching Search for the Super Battery NOVA Documentary on youtube.

Philosophically its possible to have one electrode ?much bigger than the other. The idea is to have an over supply of ions between them.

Since I believe coal is much less heavy than the positive electrode. Then what if you make the coal ”apartment” oversized for the transferable amount of ions.

The idea is to let the ions select among themselves a lot more since there are many more of them. A lot more apartments to select from. This would not be the case if every single one of the ions were to be used. Could be some efficiency gain here perhaps?

Machine Learning Idea – Per Layer Error Correction L1 = Denoise(L1), L2 = Denoise(L2), … Criterion(output,target)

I’m trying to figure out a super battery. The philosophical abstract part. In that I’m using machine learning.

Maybe you need better machine learning for a super battery. So here goes.

The idea is to have “error correction” on each layer. So what error inputs do we have if we only got a target in the last layer?

What I guess is that you can you compare each layer with a ?image denoise filter. This way you get a layer that approaches denoise(layer). I will try assigning L1 = Denoise(L1) and so on.

With this I think I took some convergence problems of some many layer models.

Python Idea – Search Images For Near Or Exact Duplicates Using Python

Using an error function like np.sum((a-b)**2). Where you sum up the squares of the differences. You can compare images, a resp b. Since in digital form they are represented by a matrix a, b with color values between 0 to 255 for each red, green or blue pixel.

So if we make it simple. Just turn the images into gray scale and resize all images to copies of some small enough shape. Then you can just make a for loop with the error function and you get a number from 0 to large. Zero then represents perfect copy and large a different image.

One idea is to make such a program on the smart phone using termux for android and installing python, numpy and ski-image for resize. The reason would be to group together images that look the same into separate group folders. Since you like me probably take images of the same object many times.

Be sure to backup your images. Or better yet. Perform the action on them on your computer. You can copy the photos with some wifi transfer program.

Food ?Preservation Guess – Can A Mix Between Living Plants And Harvested Fruits Or Veggies Keep Them Fresh For Longer?

I started with a question. What would be a reason for a transparent refrigerator?

After some thought I guessed the exist a philosophical combination of living and dead food. Is there a combination of them that is beneficial?

So I made the below transparent refrigerator with some living plants. Those plants are comfortable in colder climates.

If the guess is right. A reason could be that the living plants have an interest in keeping fruits somewhat fresh to eat. So that they can spread their seeds with the help of animals that eat them. I don’t know the biology or chemistry. Perhaps its some air beneficial plant smell that helps.

Idea – Enough Information For Computer Imagination

People can create stunning images of just pen sketches. Inspired by this there should exist something like computer imagination. To program a computer to do exactly the same thing as a human might be to complex for us to understand. However if the sketch has more and more information the problem should become easier.

Therefor I wonder if we in the future let the algorithm take part instead of take over in the creative work.