Speculation – Crystal Structure And Unsupervised Energy Algorithms?

I wonder. Since metals have a characteristic look when looking in a microscope. Some crystal structure. It almost as if it looks like there are decision boundaries. However I also gotten the same result from in process image denoising of the weight matrices in machine learning.

So by similarity there could exist a similar problem that the metal is trying to solve. Some truth or some in a machine learning sense target it is trying to achieve. This by ordering itself in this structure.

So could there exist an Unsupervised Algorithm that predicts in relation to energy as a process stopper this ordering.

Idea – Could The Ion Drive Be Improved From Network Theory?

I speculate that there are non probable effects from events that can be taken advantage of.

One such effect could perhaps come from applying some kind of network theory.

For example. I guess that the Ion drive or thruster can be improved by having ions going different speeds. Like some dynamically changing distribution. ?Many different outputs of the thruster perhaps. The effect could then perhaps come from generated magnetic fields.

Philosophically a more normal distribution represents an ?unusual situation and a potential for unexpected effects.

Reason To Investigate Things We Take For Granted – How Can Water Drops Be Used In Inventions?

I think the earth system is adapted to water drops. Like the rain. Since my guess is that everything is adapted to life.

So there should exist possibilities that have not been explored before regarding water drops.

I wonder if there is such a thing as a simulated rain cooling device. Where you pump up water and let it drop down again. Perhaps all in pipes but still dropping. Like the water in a well is ?cold. Could we cool something with this method?

Philosophically there is such a possibility other than a fountain. We just need to figure out how drops can be used in modern inventions.

Water Boiling Idea – Heating Network For Boiling Water With A Machine Learned Algorithm?

I think this might be one of my best ideas ever.

Philosophically its possible to heat a little here and a little there. One reason for this is when you don’t have enough energy for boiling the water. You want to maximize the efficiency.

As an example of network boiling is several heater wires that a CPU can control individually with some machine learned algorithm.

So the guess is that you have like a 3D mesh of heater coils that the algorithm can find a good time voltage series for.

Linux Idea – Futuristic or Retro Harddrive Sounds For The SSD

A quick Linux idea.

Now that everything is quite. The solid state drive. The fanless single board computers. I thought. Why not add sounds to them. They dont need to sound like the old harddrive but can have different sound profiles. Futuristic or retro. Whatever you want.

I thought you just read some stats like bytes/s from the SSD or flash memory and output sound accordingly. Perhaps the CPU usage could also output some audio.

I used to listen to the hardrive for faults. With properly choosen audio. An SSD or flashmemory could show signs of failure from audio information also. Could be a start of an audio user interface where you have a microphone and speaker ?instead of a screen. Could improve for the blind.

I mean a screen costs money and is more complicated to attach than a mic and speaker. I think its possible to login and do some basic tasks from audio. Just because its possible. On single board computers this could be interesting. Control multiple little computers with your voice rather than having tens of keyboards.

Product Idea – Could A Foldable TV Powered By A Solar Rechargeable Battery Be Useful As Portables For Refugees?

Since the smart phone is recognized as a very important item for refugees. It is not hard to guess that the TV. If it was portable. Also would be a very important. I mean there are 65 million people displaced. So here I believe there have to be something more than radio available.

What about a TV. Light and portable enough to be carried and powered by a ?battery and a smaller ?solar panel.

Could a foldable TV prove its usefulness here?

Linux Idea – Gamification Of The Linux Distro Install

A quick idea

I wonder what you think of this idea. I’m about to install arch since I installed termux arch on the phone. I thought I give it a try.

Getting greeted with terminal install instructions gave me an idea. What if the install procedure could be made into a game. For new users perhaps.

With a livecd desktop interface instead. You could still use the terminal for installing the distro. Here one could create a game with music and inspiring visuals for that achievement feeling.

Just click the game install icon..

Battery Idea – Could Water Or Liquid Filtering Techniques Be Used In A Super Battery?

A quick idea.

From evolutionary standpoint the universe needs to be optimized for life in order for life to exist this long. Taken this conclusion to use. Then water technology is as essential as water.

Therefor it should not be a surprise if water technology is to be used in batteries as it is probably invented by civilizations and something that can keep them going.

So my guess is that water filtering techniques be it water or some other liquid is essential to ?super batteries.

Mobile Coding – Running Torch7 (Machine Learning with lua) Under Termux-Arch (Android Phone)

Just wanted to share.

After a lot of work I managed to install torch7 from source. I did this by installing termux-arch from the termux android app. Then installing ”base-devel” with pacman.

You get the source from torch.ch for luajit. You have to look in the install script for dependencies.

Ran some tests and much seems to be working. Pretty nice.



Livelihood Idea – Make Your Own IT Programming Courses On Facebook As Part Of A Livelihood

I think this idea could be really big.

As livelihood idea. In short. I wonder if you could make some money from creating your own python programming courses on Facebook. I mean access to facebook i universal and many people already own a smart phone or computer.

On a smart phone you can do courses with a blue tooth keyboard. As a customer or creator. A full size keyboard is best. Just place the phone closest to you and the keyboard above it.

Some courses I had in mind was Lua programming on Lua Fantasy Computers like tic80 maybe. Another would be to make a course using a ?bluetooth midi keyboard together with the phone.

Further. If anyone is interested I believe there could be an android smartphone programming community with a Facebook page for the latest updates. Howto’s and more.

Study And Learn Idea – Study By Imagination

When you are studying for a test and doing a lot of exercises. Why not train by your imagination.

The idea goes as follows. Take an exercise and before you attempt it. Make one or two new exercises from your imagination and the target exercise as your guide. Here you can transform the exercise to a much easier variant or a little harder one.

After solving both first you will have trained your imagination. The target exercise is meant for verification.

Physics Speculation – Is Gravity Recurrent Information In The Machine Learning Sense?

Inspired by recurrent machine learning networks where you can reuse output data as input. I wonder if this could inspire some information about gravity.

There is a similarity from gravity being a force that is both an output and an input to other weights.

By experience the recurrent data in machine learning converges to a state pretty quickly. So if the universe calculates its solutions according to a network theory.

Then I guess universe ?positions of the weights are calculated by this recurrent gravity information force as both input and output.

So when different weights come in range from each other. The gravity information needs to converge again.

So with this you get smart positions. The universe positions of the weights and its ?surrounding close weights.


Machine Learning Idea – Take Advantage Of The Reverse Relationship Between Verification And To Get A Prediction?

The P versus NP problem is a major unsolved problem in computer science. It asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified (technically, verified in polynomial time) can also be solved quickly (again, in polynomial time). P versus NP problem – Wikipedia


For predictions I can see a similarity from this P versus NP problem. The idea is simple.

If you can picture an area where the solution might be confined in then you can ?quickly test if any of those small predictions or points are valid.

It should be easier to find probable wrongs with your initial guess than trying to find the perfect solution right away. This way you can program an algorithm to sort out initial guesses that are not so good. Left are then some strong candidates.

Machine Learning Idea – Draw Functions?

I was wondering. If its easier to draw by hand with a little random motion. Is it also easier for a network model to fit the curve or to find a “solution” if it outputs a little randomly and at a little random process time? Just like drawing.

I think so but it need to be tested.

So the idea is to develop draw functions. The are ?built up with non linear pieces of ?curved line at randomly close proximity to the solution.

The idea is then to let the engineer or another network recognize the solution from the many line draws by the algorithm. Here the lines are superimposed not drawn like a spline.

Worth a try anyway.

Apartment Innovation – Rented Apartment With Included Summer Or Winter Vacation Places?

What if the housing company would provide the residents with optional summer or winter vacation places for short trips. As you share and book the laundry room you can then book at a ?joint venture hotel.

If there is demand for these places then it serves a good purpose. No need to buy a hotel right away. Cooperate with other hotels in a win win situation. The hotel gets a steady stream of customers and the residents get an affordable and trustful place to stay at.

Math Insight – What Are Complex Numbers In The Machine Learning Sense?

The idea is simple. When ever you got a complex problem assume a network.

One reason for the flexibility of complex numbers are its ability to change without changing its real(x) value.

From this I guess complex numbers are small networks. Data and ?three activation functions.

So from a + ib being the data with abs(x), real(x) and imag(x) as the activation functions.

The complex numbers are then in a sens part of a larger set of numbers. The ?Network Numbers. Where you got *any number of activation functions over *any amount and type of data.