Physical Network Desalination – Could You Take Advantage Of Freeze Filtering Salt Water Around Freshwater Ice?

My speculation is that the universe is optimized for life since living organisms could die otherwise.

From this I guess that saltwater can be ?desalinated to some extent through freezing around fresh water ice.

I guess its possible to have a temperature difference between the fresh water ice kept at around -0° C and the salty water above ? -1.8° C.

The idea is to have a digitally temperature filter for freshwater ice generation. Maybe you can have a structure of the ice so that the generation speeds up. Like a iceberg have large understructure.

The network part is that I believe that the freezer needs to be transparent to make physical network convergence faster. The process of filtering the salt.

I wonder if this why a snowflake looks like it does. It forms a ?light-network to make itself more ?withstanding? Could be an idea for a freezer. Use light snow networks.

I think there is more to phases than its classifications. The phase network transformation function is perhaps the answer?

What if you can make freshwater with a controlled solar powered transparent freezer? One which then sheds of freshwater ice like a harvesting function.