Fusion Speculation – Does The Sun Transform The Problem To An Easier One With Complex Pre Heat Treatment?


It could be that there is an error in their thinking about fusion. Using a large ?tokamak device and circulating energy at the same spot is wrong!

I think safe fusion starts with ultra small devices. No need to create a device which you feed energy into the grid with right away.

So then.

Since fusion is a difficult process the universe have had to be optimize to achieve it. Then from looking at the sun. I guess that you need a complex heat treatment before fusion.

Programming Help Idea – Chat bot writing some hilarious jokes while I’m coding and getting errors

Going from different programming languages I do make some syntax errors. From this I will test if I can teach a machine learning network to correct my most common mistakes. Perhaps not correct but to prompt me a label with an example. Come to think of it. Maybe I could have a chat bot writing some hilarious jokes while I’m coding and getting errors.

So taking this further. Would it be possible to create an alternative to Google. I wonder if its possible to write the type of problem your trying to solve in a #comment. Containing the words you use if you search it on Google. Then you could let a program go through the #comments and suggest good examples. In some pretty fashion.

Machine Learning Idea – Weight Values On Demand

I was thinking. Why ”compress” information into a small number of weight parameters and also perform value prediction with them. This many jobs for the weights I think just makes it more difficult.

So I thought. Could you split the process of training. I mean. A time series could perhaps be split into several data series. Some sort of extra parameters.

What if the weights are not constants but stored in a time series themselves. Now that we have thought of a large storage space for parameters the training of them should also be made easier. What if they could contain errors. A good enough solution is better than no solution. So when when training the large parameter list we should only train those parameters that make sense. Otherwise it would take too long.

Jobs And Housing – Its Not One Group Vs The Other

Even if you start helping one group. The probability increases for others to get help as the momentum and knowledge builds up in total. This because challenges are similar in some sense.

Take refugee housing. Going from tents to housing units is a big improvement. Similar problems exist for the homeless. Here you also have tiny houses from living on the street.

The next challenge is income. Jobs and entrepreneurship. Here you could help the largest group by thinking big. Because the need to innovate you build up knowledge. As this process progresses you apply the knowledge to every group.

Continuum Machine Learning Idea? – Small Changes

The idea here is to see if there is such a thing as a continuum method.

Let say you train a hidden layer network from X as input and X as output. This should converge pretty quickly. So I thought in a time series. Like the weather temperature. The overall the temperature series over a year have a characteristic look. Then if I start the network with its weights. Such that the network gives a temperature characteristic graph. Then I hope if I change the input data a little the weights only need to change a little.

It might be that the weight matrices need to be smooth and not so fragile.

The idea with this was to calculate predictions faster.

example of smooth weight matrices,syn0 and syn1. I used in a feedforward network with max(ErrorList) error function with fmin_slsqp optimation.

syn0 = syn0.reshape(32,32)
syn1 = syn1.reshape(16,16)
syn0 = sp.ndimage.filters.gaussian_filter(syn0, sigma=[1,1], mode=’constant’)
syn1 = sp.ndimage.filters.gaussian_filter(syn1, sigma=[1,1], mode=’constant’)

errorList[i] = np.sum((y – l2)**2)
maxError = np.max(errorList)

Anim showing succesive iterations of syn0


smooth weight matrix

Product Guess – Using 1000+ Small Fuel Cell Units For Charging The Electric Car Battery?

I cant say I know much about fuel cells. So when I looked at a fuel cell I wondered. Since the membranes are stacked. Have the system a similar problem of efficiency as stacked peltier elements?

If so then it might be an idea to use many small thin fuel cell units. Look at https://www.greenoptimistic.com/smallest-hydrogen-fuel-cell-20090113/ Something like that.

What if you can make a small fuel cell unit very efficient and scale that thousands of times. Could this large cluster power something more than electronics?

I mean to charge the electric car battery on the go or at stops.

fuell cell 1000+

Idea – Innovate As A Strategy For Lasting Peace

Do not accept terrible conclusions. Here you can suggest several good ideas instead.

If a problem is too difficult. Then innovate ideas around other problems related to the discussed problem. It could be that many problems are related but it does not appear so at first.

I believe its harder to get stuck in bad thinking if you activate your brain. That is. To understand a new innovative idea. This instead of letting your brain feed on circulating negative information.

Physics Idea – Word Association To Inspire Science? Electron Bounce?

The idea is simple.

From an A.I. perspective we could use word associations. Just look in the dictionary for related words.

Take the electron for instance. It exists in our three dimensional world. Therefor it has movement like position, speed and acceleration.

But from an A.I. perspective you can recognize movement with other labels like bouncing.

So what invention could use a bouncing electron?

Transportation Innovation – Electric Roads Working Together With Drones?

Since roads can get traffic stops. I wonder if the proposed drone transport system could use electric roads.

?One way could be to use a pantograph turned upside down as in a Swedish electric road project for cars.

The idea is to have a ?fast electric transport system where drones can recharge near electric roads with from these contact pantograph.

This way trucks and drones could work together.

electric drone road