Innovation Idea – Super Battery Through Machine Learning?

Machine learning allows for imagination to solve complex problems. Take a super battery for instance.

I imagine you can use image color data for this. Different metals have different colors.

So an idea is to use these image data for an inverse calculation. You got images of the battery on one side and maybe heat generation on the other.

So here I train with temperature as input and the images as output. Since we want to ?lower the heat generation after training. We just put in a lower temperature and see what the difference of the color in the image data that was predicted.

This will then be an indication of a better battery.

Maybe 3D software like Blender could help. Rendering a more generalized battery with the help of transparency. But still with the correct realistic colors.

I think machine learning ideas like this one could give us a peaceful future and a electric car future at the same time.

metal ml battery