Physics Guess – Does There Exist A Probabilistic Drive?

If you rewrite a physical law as a 100% rule then a valid guess is that there are probabilistic rules.

So maybe there exists a motion law with efficiency. That is. For every energy unit in you get a chance of forward force or generation of light. Here it could be that you get 10% force and the rest as light. Maybe light generation in the atom has some odd states that only happen at a low probability. Which then generates a force.

Maybe an atom can generate a new ?temporary electron which it can use to absorb energy as motion if the energy transformation options are limited. Then from electron to ?temporary electron repulsive forces you can get motion.

Then it should be possible to create a probabilistic drive.

Part of this idea. The predicted electron generation is due to the universe being optimized not to harm life. So from this I guess that the universe is also optimized towards drinkable water. So here you got another smart power sentence to build ideas from.

( A guess of mine is that atoms can under ?very cold temperatures generate an electron cloud. Giving it some above zero kelvin temperatures. To maintain functionality. )