Machine Learning Idea – Word Cloud Labels?

Since for every answer there is a text sentence. I wonder. Is there some advantage to be made here? What if you don’t always want to use number labels. I mean. Different words together form sentences and augment each other as a meaning.

So my idea is to see if its possible use word clouds in machine learning. Here you don’t burden the algorithm to come up with proper english. Then the meaning of the word cloud is interpreted by the human. A word cloud is just a bunch of words with different sizes or number value attached to it.

Smart Physics – Mass == Construction

Inspired by machine learning, chemistry and physics. What if you replace a single quantity like mass with a construction instead. So inspired by Newtons law of gravity. Where you have two masses. But here you replace each mass with its atoms and their respective construction.

Then perhaps its then possible to formulate a big data gravity law. With the help of machine learning. Come to think of it. Every other physical law with mass involved could also I guess be improved.

A merger of physics and chemistry based on smart computing with machine learning.

// Per Lindholm

Single Board Computer Innovation – Graphics Card Without Ports – Small Form Factor?

I wonder. What if the computer could use a common hdmi port for all the installed graphics cards? That is. To connect to the graphics card you just software select which card the motherboard hdmi port gets data from.

With this feature I think you can cut cost. Very small form factor chips would also enable Single board computer upgrades. Just add a chip like a emmc memory chip.

Reading Idea – Guess Learning For Dyslexics

The idea is simple.

Its possible to guess the content of a text based on the first and last letters of the words.

Taking note of this.

I created a text with blurred middle section of the words. Adjusting the blurriness so I feelt a relief in my eyes. I believe this could work for dyslexics also. Just adjust the blurriness to get best feeling.

The idea is that your brain will pick up the first and the last letters of each word much more frequent than before. This will make your brain machine learning be able to predict words better later on.

Also. From what I can tell from the feeling in my eyes is that blurred text provides a resting position in each line or paragraph. Making it easier to read long texts.

Idea – Using Water Soaked Wood Pieces To Combat Desertification?

A quick idea.

Inspired by hugelkultur. Where you have place wood together with the plants. I wonder if you can enhance the water retention ability by drilling holes in the wood. Thereby getting more water to wood surface area.

Then to combat desertification I wonder if you can replace water soaked wood pieces in the soil ever so often. Similiar to putting a seed in the ground. Like drip irregation but using water soaked wood instead.

Maybe a machine can be constructed to perform this task much faster.

Idea – Big Tech Company Engagement For The Long Term Unemployed?

What I do know is that I love to read news of people coming back from tough times. And I think there is a good reason for that. Somehow things are more connected than we assume them to be.

Therefor If I may. I would like to put forward a simple strategy.

What can big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google do to innovate and improve long term unemployment.

I think we need a human strategy to make the world a sane world

Machine Learning Speculation – Product Rating

The product is the ?most important item for a company.

I wonder therefor if you can use machine learning to predict the price for the product from all the data. For instance. The visual graphics and specifications. With that you should be able to test different designs so that customers feel that they get a very good deal.

Is there an easy to do this?

Idea – Could Jupyter Notebook Teach HTML?

I thought. For a novice. Just getting something on the screen could be daunting task. Then writing a whole page of tags to display a little text or an image seems unecessary at first.

With Jupiter notebook you get immediate results and you don’t need to run all the HTML code at once. Just shift enter on the cell with your current exercise.