Physics Speculation – Water Freezing

This is my guess related to the Mpemba effect

Picture Bambi on a lake in early winter. What would be a way to make this lake ice covered. Safe for both land animals and fish.

I think a dual approach would work better. What if the ice at certain temperatures sucks heat from the air to the below water lake mass. Like a heat pump or a peltier element. This could perhaps save the fish in winter time.

Then for land animals. I guess we get Near Surface Air Cooling which should help in generating strong fully covered ice. Here I speculate that heat is drawn from the air near the surface. Making it like a freezer run by an air conditioner.

So the idea behind this speculation is that the freezing method of water should be safe for life.

freezing idea

Internet Access And Electric Car Idea – Electric Roads With Built In High Speed Internet Fibre

Lots of places are in need of high speed Internet. At the same time we need cheap electric cars.

Electric-Internet Roads could possibly provide both of these. A Swedish Electric Road ( elväg ) is an add on to existing roads that safely transmits electricity to cars, buses and trucks through contact elements.

So the idea is to provide Internet Fibre Optics with those add ons. This should reduce the cost of building both. Electric roads reduces the need for batteries. Internet access increase standard of living.

This would help build up countries and reduce gas emissions. Especially in Africa I think. Connecting city to city with an electric road and high speed Internet.

Physics Speculation – Physical Constants As Some Sort Of Labels In A Supervised Learning Universe

I was looking at Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Since its based on standard deviations. I wonder if its related to machine learning. Which deals with probability. Here the target values in the machine learning network is something that is known. Like all the physical constants.

So the uncertainty principle could perhaps show two network neurons with probability values that together produce a result related to Planck’s constant.

With this I speculate that everything transforms to constants. Inversely this means there are more constants to discover. // Per Lindholm

The reason I think the universe use constants as targets in machine learning networks is that it would make something complex easier. In supervised learning you need examples. If the example is just a number then its much easier than billions and billions of different large data examples that will contain errors or noise.

Income Generation For Artists – An Artists Own WordPress Page In Spotify?

I wonder if music services could be a little more artist centered. Clustering 100+ artists in playlists make them a little anonymous to me.

Since Spotify exist as a web player. An idea would be to let the artists design their own web page and let the music lists exist in easy to find tabs as before.

I think this could be a good idea. Additional income could then come from promoting clothes or other merchandise visible in the player.

Like a wordpress page with development of plugins and custom themes.

Philosophy Speculation – Planet Dimensions Instead Of A Multiverse

A quick speculation

Maybe something can be taken from the multiverse theory. What if you have planet dimensions instead. Located around ?planet systems. That would make it more effective and probably take less time to calibrate. Since the interesting things that happens in the universe that need multi dimensions are life and life is located on planets. That is. More planet dimensions more room for life.

Maybe the “Curse of dimensionality” can be ?solved this way?

Physics Idea – Does Water To Rock Compression Inspire Some Invention?

Picturing great ocean depths. Lots of water that makes a pressure against the rock. From this I wonder. Does everything need to be pure metal. Does there exist a beneficial reaction from water to rock compression?

The water is the same but the rock differs in composition. Could this make some difference. I’m getting at some kind of heat generation so that life can exist nearby.

Inspired by this maybe a battery could be constructed that have ?oscillating chemistry?

Idea – Innovate For Homeless

Until we come up with the ?perfect idea to solve homelessness. I think we should change our mindset. So why not start to innovate for the homeless right away.

For people sitting in front of the stores and on the sidewalk. Here you could probably innovate something transitional. Something that aren’t meant to make the situation permanent but to easy the transition to better living.

So for the people sitting in the street. They should be protected from the elements. I have seen mini see through sitting tents people use outdoors. Maybe something like this could work to ease some of the challenges.

Another idea would be tiny shops on wheels.

Maybe the low rent of a tiny houses and ?taxes would enable services like a tiny coffee house computer shop where old people can come to fix their laptops/tablets/smartphones.

So the idea is to innovate everything and see what works.


Invention Idea – Rotating Cylinder In A Cold/Hot Fluid For Heat Transfer

Inspired by cooling a rotating soda can in icy water. To get a cold temperature fast. I wonder if heat transfer in for instance a heat pipe can be improved. If heat is suppose to go to the fluid then rotating the inner cylinder might make the process much faster and ?efficient.

I wonder if this could work for solar heat collectors also. Spinning an inside cylinder instead of having everything stationary.

Job Idea – On Location Printing For On Demand Magazines?

The idea is simple.

As a priced out reader. To get some life into to the magazine business. I thought. Could we have some local on demand printing?

This could be turned into a business for everyone on the Internet. From blogger to online magazines. I think this could encourage writers to produce quality articles. To be sold as magazines for the readers delight at the shopping mall perhaps.

To start a magazine would then be as simple as well.. writing.

Idea – Fire Fighting Multi Purpose Taxis?

I watch from my apartment the fire truck go by quite often. At the same time the taxis stand by at the nearby train station.

I wonder. Could you use the taxis and their drivers as additional fire fighting units? Since they can get to multiple sites faster they can act as first responders. Perhaps adapted training and equipment can be made?

Smart Physics Thought Idea – ”God does not play dice with the universe”

The idea is simple.

If you have an infinite number of equations belong to the many atoms. There should arise problems. One problem would be to get them 100% correct.

I wonder if the universe could adjust the equations that are happening in parallel. Like if the universe used machine learning with big data. Maybe quantum teleportation a lot of parameters to minimize errors could work?

Then one set of equations should fit right in with all other set of equations happening in parallel ?anywhere in the universe.

This way you don’t find something that differ with the rest of the universe. This is the meaning of 100% correct. You cant find the discrepancy anywhere.

Product Idea – Heatpump For Tiny Houses?

Why should you only have one big heat pump that costs a lot of money. What if the people behind the Coolala SolarPowered Portable Air Conditioner made a similar heat pump. I think its based on the same principle. Only in reverse. Remove the heat from the outer air and heat the home with it.

I wonder if portable heatpumps could work for Tiny Houses. You could have two I mean.

Coolala at kickstarter

Come to think of it. Maybe its possible to create an air conditioner based refrigerator. For Africa and elsewhere.