Idea – Could Tiny Houses Help Students With Shortage Of Apartments And Rent

We place a lot of money to get students through college. Be it rent, books or food. Since there is constant shortage of student housing. Rent could be a large part of this cost.

I was wondering if there exist an additional approach. What if student could get CSN loans to buy or rent a tiny house.

A tiny house as defined by wikipedia . A small house on wheels that is very affordable.

One idea with this is that when the student is done with their studies. They could sell this tiny house and earn a little profit and at the same time have some money to payback the tiny house loan. I mean houses often increase in value. So why should not students also benefit from this.

Perhaps there should exist a possibility for students to take part in the build of the tiny house. This way they get valuable education that can build up any country.

My dad had a camper when building the summer house. A tiny house could perhaps serve the same temporary housing problem when restoring a house.