Innovation Idea – Philosophical Machine Elements?

I bet the super battery of the future have machine elements, parts that have not been thought of yet.

So to get going I wonder if imagination or philosophy could be used to home in on the interesting things.

So for example. We have thin TV’s. This to me could be something like a ?membrane. It could perhaps be the inspiration of a machine element. What if the LCD screen were super bright, had infrared as well as ultra violet light. What use can it then have?

Regardless of the machine element immediate practical use. Building up a catalog of thought machine elements could be key.

Education Idea – Wireless USB Pen Mouse To Make The Projector Interactive

A quick idea.

A cheap way to get digital education was to use a projector or ?TV. Then to make it interactive I would see if a wireless USB Pen Mouse could work. For writing or drawing. You don’t run the pen mouse on the projector screen or TV but on a table. Since the pen mouse is pretty inexpensive I think it could be an idea.

Then I wonder. Could a wireless pen mouse and a phone/tablet replace paper and pen? The problem I had not realised was that you don’t need to write on the screen. Better to use the large space of an empty table and transfer the pressed movement to the mobile screen. This way you have a pen with different colors and lots of large virtual paper.

Idea – Uncertainty Principle

”In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle, also known as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle or Heisenberg’s indeterminacy principle, is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities[1] asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known.” – Wikipedia

I guess that the reason for the uncertainty is that no particle should ever easily enter a singularity. Where some property like gravity would be too extreme.

?So in order to achieve this safety the universe could perhaps use a function for the particle. Since the laws should be the same everywhere. My idea is that this function enables the particle to bypass a singularity.

That is. If the particle gets close to the singularity. The uncertainty gets larger as it approaches. This way I guess it can bypass it.

Education Idea – Learning To Read Inspired By Quire Karaoke ?

Learning to sing is easier in a quire than alone. So apart from improving Karaoke with a quire option. I was wondering if children could learn to read by reading along with many other children.

It could work a bit like karaoke. You have many children reading the text aloud in a quire that is prerecorded in the video.

These texts of stories could perhaps be put on youtube.

Karaoke with a microphone could perhaps work for adults also. Be it reading a book or why not practice reading a speech.

So here you have many ideas. Speech Karaoke, Children book Karaoke, Poem Karaoke and Quire Karaoke.

Idea – Could Tiny Houses Help Students With Shortage Of Apartments And Rent

We place a lot of money to get students through college. Be it rent, books or food. Since there is constant shortage of student housing. Rent could be a large part of this cost.

I was wondering if there exist an additional approach. What if student could get CSN loans to buy or rent a tiny house.

A tiny house as defined by wikipedia . A small house on wheels that is very affordable.

One idea with this is that when the student is done with their studies. They could sell this tiny house and earn a little profit and at the same time have some money to payback the tiny house loan. I mean houses often increase in value. So why should not students also benefit from this.

Perhaps there should exist a possibility for students to take part in the build of the tiny house. This way they get valuable education that can build up any country.

My dad had a camper when building the summer house. A tiny house could perhaps serve the same temporary housing problem when restoring a house.

Physics Speculation – Two Object Gravity?

A quick idea.

I wonder. Could Newtons gravity law give inspiration to another form of gravity. I mean. It describes the force between two objects. So what if one object is another type of object. Like a empty space object.

Then does there exist Empty Space Gravitation?

I recall the universe is expanding. Since something that is almost empty is a lot easier to expand. Then could empty space expansion and gravity between mass and the empty space object explain this expansion?

Testing a little VR Side By Side 3D

I thought I test a little VR. Found a Blender tutorial which showed how you can make a starfield in 3D. I have just the phone version of VR. So I made a side by side version. One tricky problem was that you have to add *_L and *_R on two camera names for multi-view.

Will add a video if I make something interesting to show in 3D.

Physics Speculation – Einstein Time And Networks

In wikipedia it says “A clock that is under the influence of a stronger gravitational field than an observer’s will also be measured to tick slower than the observer’s own clock”

I wonder. Does It make sense to a network?

If you draw information transfer lines ( ?gravity lines ) between the big gravity object to the small object. Like the input data vector in machine learning. The small object needs to read all those lines before continuing its update. Then could an increase in input data the size of this vector cause a larger delay perhaps.

Further with my network theory in mind. I speculate that many things have time dilation. To be able to get deterministic physics.

An idea is to classify reactions. That is. The number of different reaction results are limited. Then there is a classification problem. That is. You need to wait before one class is more probable than the other.