Phone Idea – Build Your Own Wifi Compute Stick

My phone has double the number of cores (8) of my stationary computer and it was still much more affordable. This might be the case for some future to come. The phone being a device people buy a lot of. Drops in price much faster and you can afford higher speeds.

So here you can create your own smartphone wifi connected compute stick.

What you need is the android app Termux and some googeling. A repository is available for termux which enables you to install gcc, numpy, scipy of the latest versions. This for jupyter notebook. A web app that lets you connect on the internal wifi network to your phone from a web browser on your slow computer.

I installed via pip the latest keras with theano and sklearn. Great for novice users in machine learning.

With this you could enable fast computing with old CRT screen computers, raspberry pi and the like.

Below I connected the phone computing device with USB internet sharing. Typed arp in the command window to get the ip of the phone. Plugged that ip:8888 in chromium browser. You need to enable ‘*’ all ip in jupyter config.

A powerbank and a usb powered screen would be great. Solar machine learning computing.