Software Idea – OpenGL Inspired 2D Drawing

I imagine. What if you can draw with shaders. Produce a 2D drawing with the tablet pen and have shader effects like in the node editor.

So the idea is to draw in 2D without the need to model a 3D object. Then let the software adapt the paint in some cool fashion.

Here I wonder if you could paint something like a reflection map, a depth field and combine these layers in a smart way.

Maybe its possible to draw with realtime rendering in openGL. Just because its possible.

So the target of the idea is to enhance paint tools with the functions of 3D software. I think this idea could produce some pretty impressive digital drawings.

Physics Guess – Could A Different Material Electric Resistance Indicate A New Function?

I speculated before that heat is not lost energy. Battery Speculation – Noise Reduction?.

So with this in mind. I speculate that. Could a material with a higher electric resistance be trying to achieve some other function?

Maybe are properties of materials clumped together too much.

What I want to know is what function could the material be ?preparing for when subjected to electricity. Are there different functions depending on the material.