Physics Philosophy Guess – Smart Light Emission?

Everything should be smart so why waste light.

Inspired by Blender 3D raytracing engine. You can set the number of samples the software will use. But for many scenes the amount of samples will never seem to be enough.

Could this problem also exist in the universe? I mean. The energy conservation law gives you a limited amount of light or samples you can use. But the images of reality we see are not noisy.

From this I wonder if there exist a smart photon emission decision system in physics.

Blender has this smart denoise filter for different classifications of raytracing functions. Inspired by this I wonder if there exists a physics system. With several denoise filter layers. That gives back decision information to the atoms.

The idea is that the universe cant afford to waste energy so it has to scatter light as smart as possible.

Philosophically we could have experienced a universe with much noise or much blurriness (few samples). But if the universe is smart then there should exist other possibilities.

So inspired by Blenders smart denoise filters. Could light exist as different types of waves? Depending on the light path. Be that transparency, diffuse, glossy, transmission or volume.

The reason is that this might make a smart smoothing of the image somehow. Without loosing detail.

So the idea is to see if machine learning could be used to create a ?wave function that produces a clear and fast image in 3D software. By a similar problem guess. This should indicate whats happening in the real world also.