Job Idea – Africa Could Need Online Course Makers

With information abundant on the web in the form of news articles and perhaps low earnings. A better job idea for Africa could be to create online courses. A ”Pay what you want” option might make it easier to get started.

There are plenty of programming and IT courses I wish existed.

Come to think of it. I believe this could be an excellent strategy and motivator for learning a profession. You study for the type of developer you want by creating a course in it.

I think every township in Sweden needs a public hub for people to get together and explore different opportunities.

Further I believe you need to create markets. One such idea is to take a solar powered projector and open it up for African makers of e-learning courses. This way you have something like offline MOOCs in rural areas. At the same time you create all the benefits associated with having markets. Which is important for sustaining progress.

The courses does not need all the fancy equipment. I think it can be done with the video camera on a smartphone.  Key Education Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Khan Academy Style Videos