Swedish Battery Factory – Could This Lead The Way To A Super Battery?

The guess is that there exist different classes of batteries. Then there could exist a super battery. These might not be mobile class batteries but vehicle class.

How do you get to a super battery. I guess you can watch natural energy devices like the sun. But what comes to my mind is volcanoes. A lot of energy is in motion there.

There is something about the smell sulfur. It is as if the brain tells me there energy transformations here. It feels almost genetic. So if the brain suspects a smell has something to do with energy maybe there is some truth to it.

So the idea is that you could set generate new types of batteries by smell association. Are there other smells which some people associate with energy?

So what type of battery could do with sulfur. Does there exist volcano chemistry?

Strategically, I think this is an excellent opportunity for companies like Ericsson to make a comeback. With a much wanted product you can pretty much get into any market.

Inspired by volcanos. Could smoke enhance the effect of electricity? I mean it could happen naturally with lightning so what if physics is or rather ?gets adapted to these naturally occuring events.

Maybe can this knowledge lead to a battery system that have recharging periods with minimal exhaust. A fuelcell together with a battery in a system?

With this you could restrict charging while driving in areas affected by smog. So you have a smaller fuelcell together with the larger battery.

Volcano Chemistry??