Battery Ideas – Set Generating Names For Batteries

As a way to initiate an invention you can start by coming up with names for the battery.

So here I guessed that maybe there should exist.

An Ion Acceleration Battery

Maybe acceleration is not the only parameter. Perhaps its possible to take advantage of mass and magnetism.

So maybe there should exist an ion shell and core object with a magnetic core for acceleration and a charged shell?

Tape Battery Machine – Increasing Ion Transport Speed?

Even if you have to provide a little input energy to the battery ion transport. I wonder if it could be worth it. I mean a zero ion velocity would mean zero efficiency. So maybe you could get higher efficiency with increasing velocity.

Here I guess that maybe the battery could be unrolled into a Tape Battery. Increasing tape width will increase number of ions per minute at some speed. Maybe this is not enough but its a start of a battery machine.

Physics Philosophy – If You Know The Answer To The Question Why Can You Calculate The How?

If you know the answer to the question why can you calculate the how?

I think its possible. If you think about. It could work like a filter for random. So make a guess calculation. Look back and check to see if it makes sense to the physics network. Iterate until it all make sense. A bit crude algorithm though.

One thing that has to be learned from prior observable data is the network assessment of what makes sense. A bit like in machine learning.

Product Idea – Smart Rotating Axle?

If perpetual motion machines is redefined as machines that last a little longer than what is expected to us. Then I think it has some resemblance to fidget spinners.

So why not should there not exist a ”smart axle”. One that performs a little better than expected to us. Inspired by spinners or long lasting motion machines.

Smart Axle – With Built in bearings

Physics Idea – Gravity As A Network Generation Of A Force And Its Direction

By association there should exist some connection between gravity and quantum teleportation. As they I assume can both act on any in between distances.

I speculated that light could reveal information about the starting values of the atom(networks). The atom network is just everything that happens within an atom.

I wonder therefor. What other possibilities does a network have?

Since a network can recognize things it can also generate things. Then is it possible the atom(network) can generate a force and its direction.

The information for this generation should then come from the collaboration from named association. The ?quantum world.

Physics Network Idea – Smart Gravity?

Since I came up with the network idea in physics. Internal atom networks that could perhaps explain everything.

I wonder. Could there exist smart gravity. A network solution to recognized gravity laws we experience.

I mean if the universe can pin point particles in spooky action at a distance anywhere in the universe. Why should the task of directing a gravitational force be more difficult.

Why should gravity be something derived by simple rules. So my idea is that gravity is actually a smart network version of a force. A network calculating its direction and strength.

Philosophical idea – What Is A Smart Coordinate system?

I havent thought about this idea yet. Maybe later. Or maybe you the reader can figure it out.

What I could figure out is that. A smart coordinate system could be similar to the ?brain uses to sense where touch comes from.

So its some type of network coordinate system where the network learns where the object are or senses where the objects are or guesses approximatively where the feeling comes from.

So its not a see only type of a system. It senses and feels.

Physics Guess – Controlled Fusion Simplification?

The guess is that the sun is a super gigantic network. Then from what I speculate. An atom machine type of a network has starting values that are important to its surroundings. They the starting values I guess are revealed by the emitted light.

So for a complex part of an invention. Its imperative to know the atom network starting values. That is. Its parameter starting configuration.

So light emission should be part of the toolkit. There should exist direct ways and indirect ways to measure things.

Physics Idea – The Universe Problem Is Solved By Physics Networks Not Only Simple Physics Rules

?Axiom. The larger the problem the more complexity it could have.

So from this we can say complexity would probably increase with problem size.

The best way to handle any complexity we know is to use networks. It can easily handle everything from letter recognition to music generation.

Thats why I think the universe takes advantage of networks to continuously solve the very large ”universe problem”.

Network Snow Crystal (GIMP generation GMIC)

Fusion – To Big To Function

I wonder. Since the sun works by fusion and is probably a super gigantic network. Some conclusions can be made.

I guess that the complexity needed for the kind of fusion we want increases ?exponentially with size.

Basically we cant afford to increase the problem with fusion to exa scale with projects that has devices of mega size.