Battery Speculation – Noise Reduction?

Efficiency is probably a smart network concept not a simple equation. As such its probably not isolated from other atomic networks.

I wonder. Could generated heat have additional functions for making the networks in the universe working? I mean why is there a thing like efficiency. Maybe the energy ”lost” as heat is doing a special kind of work.

In computer algorithms random numbers could be used for generating parameter values. Like in machine learning networks.

Then if you can reduce the need for parameter determination in ions and electrons. I guess you would reduce the amount of generated heat.

Parameter determination I speculate is the import work done by heat ”loss”. Actually I believe heat ”loss” is very important function.

So the idea is simple yet hard. Consider a large area around the active objects. Draw a large circle around every object in the battery. The suspicion is that everything in that area of interest is a concern to the parameter determination. So the idea is that there could exist direct or indirect exchange between electrons or between ions. If then some ions encountered obstacles that required lengthy parameter determination then this would be a concern to the other ions in its vicinity.

So to reduce heat ”loss” I wonder if you could check every nm of the battery to see if the ions would have to learn some hard obstacle. It could be that there exists small areas or edges with trouble sum parts that then affects the whole network system.