Peace Project – World Countries Appreciation Days?

To break Internet viciousness towards people or countries. I wonder if we could have appreciation days. Like Google does with their logo giving attention to famous people only on a bigger and more broader scale. In news, TV media and more.

The reason for the idea is simple. For this world to achieve greatness. Its easier in a climate of goodness rather than the opposite.

Physics Guess – Sonoluminesence As The Near Singular Point Where Nothing Should Exist?

”Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound.” – wikipedia

I wrote before ”Physics Guess – Is A Singularity A Point Where Nothing Can Exist?

From the sudden contraction I guess that sonoluminesence is a way for clearing the instance of a somewhat near singular point of any matter.

Peace And Happiness Idea – Universal Mini Vacation Trips?

A quick idea I got from the newspaper today. The goal of the idea is to find a way so that everyone can go on a vacation trip.

One such idea would be to build ”mini vacation places”. I don’t know but would it not be possible to place a number caravans in connection to a forest, lake or a park.

You don’t need to haul the caravan with the car since everything is in place. With a bus vacation transport you don’t even need a car.

With a mini vacation place near your home or place of work you can still work and the family does not need to stay at home.

Infrastructure Idea – Two Independent Train Commuter Lines That Act As Backup To Each Other

For important train commuters lines I believe something has to be done. A failure should not affect the peoples whole day. Trying to find a bus, taxi or getting stuck at the Central Station.

My idea is to build an additional independent train commuter line. Such that if one line gets an error people can board the other line.

Its not enough to build additional track for higher traffic volume. The tracks are dependent on the same failures and this is not what we want.

So for example. A two independent line system should have independent power supplies and maybe a big and a little Central Station.

With this idea. People get a much needed backup and for a carbon emission free future public transport must have an excellent uptime.

Engineering Idea – Nano Machine Elements? Like the stiffness of DNA

I don’t think I have heard of this before but everything need to hold. Function under strain. This included on the nano level. So DNA is not just only a information carrying object it is a machine element also.

So inspired by bio mimicry. I think there could be a new set of objects that need to be explored. Nano machine elements. Like springs or ball of ?yarns.

So from this I speculate that with 3D printing. Battery dynamics could be something. Maybe nano machine elements can spring battery development alive.

Should every surface be equipped with a spring like object?

Smog Reducing Idea – Private Car Owners Trade Carbon Limits?

I think we need a system solution that greatly reduces emissions. So the idea is to create some sort of trade of carbon emission limits. This among private car owners.

Careful considerations have to be made. I think short time rules are necessary to adapt to the current climate change and progress towards electric cars. Total emissions are not the only important target. This means that emissions wherever the need to go down the most. Actually go down. Like smog affected areas.

Perhaps we could have smart area limits so no place can get overrun with too much emissions.

Another idea would be to give private citizens with ideas that generate research breakthroughs rewords like tax refunds.

Mathematical Idea – Should There Exist Smart Statistics?

With machine learning I wonder if there could exist something like smart statistics.

For example. Does there exist smart inverse statistics?

That is. Correcting input data by setting up several statistical conditions. Meaning the results should have the correct statistical output based on corrected input.

If you know how to correct than it becomes easier to generate probable input data. Just add and correct ?random input.

Then I wonder if the sound turbulence makes could be treated like audio statistics. I guess the turbulence solution could be set generated (corrected from random) from the condition that it should sound as the recognized type of turbulent noise.

Physics Guess – Argument For Set Generated Heat And Where To Find It

Since materials don’t break that often. I assume the atom network works pretty good.

So my idea is that the more inside of a material you are. You find more set generated heat. Heat that is adapted to each surrounding atom.

Since heat involves random motion then there exist degrees of freedom. This flexibility is what I think is adapted in the set generation of heat or the adaptations of the heat. It becomes less random. The material gets better properties.

Idea – IT Medical Advice Cubicles In Care Centers?

A quick way to see a doctor would be to use a medical Internet service. I think the idea is valid. However I wonder if you can also reduce pressure for health centers by installing additional cubicles with dedicated IT devices for the medical service.

This way the person does not need to be alone in the conversation with the Internet doctor team. Another physically present person with some medical profession could help. Multi language support and translation would also be possible by three part conversation.

I think this additional approach would bring a little more patient safety.

Battery Guess – Could Electrons Place Of ”Birth” Be Important? (Smart Conservation Law)

The idea is simple. The conservation law is not.

What I suspect is that the conservation law and its approximations are smart. Which means they are solved in a smart distributed way.

So what does this mean for the electron. What if the electrons are not moving aimlessly. I guess that electrons and ions are complex networks in themselves.

So if the same electron goes home to its atom ”birth” place. This makes it easier for the universe network calculation to be a little more sure that no mass has been lost. Distributed calculations is a faster way.

Battery Speculation – Noise Reduction?

Efficiency is probably a smart network concept not a simple equation. As such its probably not isolated from other atomic networks.

I wonder. Could generated heat have additional functions for making the networks in the universe working? I mean why is there a thing like efficiency. Maybe the energy ”lost” as heat is doing a special kind of work.

In computer algorithms random numbers could be used for generating parameter values. Like in machine learning networks.

Then if you can reduce the need for parameter determination in ions and electrons. I guess you would reduce the amount of generated heat.

Parameter determination I speculate is the import work done by heat ”loss”. Actually I believe heat ”loss” is very important function.

So the idea is simple yet hard. Consider a large area around the active objects. Draw a large circle around every object in the battery. The suspicion is that everything in that area of interest is a concern to the parameter determination. So the idea is that there could exist direct or indirect exchange between electrons or between ions. If then some ions encountered obstacles that required lengthy parameter determination then this would be a concern to the other ions in its vicinity.

So to reduce heat ”loss” I wonder if you could check every nm of the battery to see if the ions would have to learn some hard obstacle. It could be that there exists small areas or edges with trouble sum parts that then affects the whole network system.

Small Business Idea – 3D Renderings For Restoration Projects For Customer Presentation?

I was wondering. Was watching American Restoration when I got this idea. What if you could present a 3D render of possible restorations of objects to the customer.

I mean. This should make the sell easier. And perhaps more amazing restorations can be made.

With newer versions of Blender. A open source 3D creation software. The results are very realistic and fast.

So the idea is team up these shops with 3D artists.

Idea – Associated Peace Processes Love, Hope, Faith, Joy?

I was wondering. I think we need to innovate the peace process. So I thought why not create additional processes that are also associated with peace.

Inspired by faith processes. The idea is then to create a Hope Process a Love Process and perhaps joy and happiness processes or projects.

Maybe its not so hard. Maybe we need large joy and happiness projects around the globe. To prevent wars and make peace permanent.

Physics Guess – Why Are There Physical Effects Phenomenon At All

Using my previous speculation

The general answer to the physics question why. For everything is that. What ever it is. It could make sense to a network.

Then my guess is that the physics phenomenon effects like the photoelectric effect makes sense if you view the atom as some kind of machine learning network.

So what can happen in a network? Well certainly problems can exist here also. One such problem is bad scaling. Too high values of some input.

Here I speculate that different atom networks have different sensitivity to value overflow on certain inputs. Then I guess it could handle this by diverting energy to more or different functions.

With this I predict there is a photokinetic effect. Perhaps the emdrive is such a device with a changed sensitivity due to construction choices.

Mathematical Guess – Understood Coordinate System?

I was wondering. What coordinate system could exist for objects like the atom?

I don’t know but I guess that it might be that a distance measurement is to imprecise.

If we say the electron is positioned around the atom. This might sound vague. But I wonder if there then exist a number of things that are then understood.

It could mean that its understood that the electron should be available for action. Then this might make the position more precise.

So you have a coordinate system that enables quick functionality. The position should be so that all the functions of the atom are quickly achieved.

It is all these criteria that then I guess determines the position of the electron.


Physics Idea – The Universe Takes Advantage Of Everything?

My assumption is that a machine learning network is capable of taking advantage every input thrown at it.

So with a universe of networks I wonder. Could this mean that the universe takes advantage of things not so obvious. Like the in between space objects the atoms create in a material.

So if atoms have properties. Could empty space objects with a somewhat defined border also have properties?

Are there more not so thought of objects?

It could be that the object have important information properties. Like the border of an object is a object you can take information from. That is. Statistics about the border. Something similiar you do in machine learning where you might take the avarage smoothed border curve as input.

Idea – Bypassed Inventor Support (Fidget Spinner)

I believe the fidget spinner is an important invention. Perhaps more so than could have been imagined from the start.

Im not sure I was surprised to read that the inventor have not earned a penny yet.

I wonder. What can be done. Perhaps its not possible to prevent things like this from happening in the future. But that does not mean things cant be corrected.

So is there a way to show support to inventors like Catherine Hettinger?

Physics Speculation – A Moving Part To A Non Moving Part Device?

I wonder if its possible to make a moving part device static by changing the properties of objects or materials.

If the material have different functions that could be activated. It should reduce the mechanical complexity I think.

Like a mechanical clock to a digital watch.

A bold assumption is that everything can be made static. But the inspiration could come from mechanical solutions.

Meaning that we probably need to develop moving parts versions of our devices.

It should make things easier to find a programming language for non moving parts inventions if we know their could exist a mechanical blueprint.

HowTo – Groundbreaking Inventions Is Not A Natural Evolutionary Process

In my opinion. Those who setup rules for inventions have not understood. Like in fusion or battery development. Setting up simple rules that everybody needs to follow just will just result in incremental progress.

We need groundbreaking inventions. One way to figure out those is to look a the man made ”rules” of the innovative process.

Here you just set generate new questions to the rules. Questions are like finding errors in the rule assumption.

So for a battery. A non moving part battery is more safe and can be placed in a phone. But that does not mean its the best for a car. I mean the car is big enough for a moving part car engine. So why not a moving part battery.

So the aim of a groundbreaking invention is probably to invent a ”moving parts battery machine” for vehicles.