Linux – Fixed A Linux Booting Problem With Fedora 25 2017-04-29 + simpleLinux As An AppImage?

I’m not a Linux expert. I have two ways of fixing my computer. Either searching via Google for the same problem or running sudo apt-get update and then upgrade.

This morning my Fedora 25 installation would not get to the login screen. To fix this you want to login. Just press Ctrl+Alt+F4 for a black prompt login screen. Enter your name and password. If F4 doesnt work try some other F key.  Here enter commands.

if ‘sudo dnf update’ doesnt not work. You might not have a working Internet connection. Then instead of getting a cable to the networkcard. Run Wifi sharing over USB from your phone instead. Some WifiUSB app.

Run sudo dnf update or upgrade and this should fix the problem.

This gave me an idea.

Could we have something like a smallLinux appImage. Single file with no installation procedure that opens and runs a graphical desktop. This way a lot of people could fix there computer without knowing many commands.

So the idea is an AppImage for simple linux.