Idea – Learn A Subject By Creating HTML With Audio And Images (Phone + Keyboard)

As a tip and as a reminder to myself. I think I came up with a novel way to study online courses.

The idea is to create a rich HTML of the lecture with both images and audio. Here you essentially replicate the lecture.

Take a screenshot of the video and replicate the slides with hand drawings on paper. Then take a photo of the paper and write some notes to read.

Then you record your voice reading with the notes as support while you create the HTML page. Then you just put in the audio and images in the HTML documents using the HTML5 tags.

The idea is that you remember better than if you just answer quizzes and read.

The apps I used for this on my phone was just a text editor and a web browser. For convenience there was an app, ”Open in Browser” that automatically loaded local files in the browser from the file manager.

I put in the headings tags and img tag after finishing the recording while writing from the notes. So first pure text + audio recording. Then add the audio and image tags. The image tag had to have the alt attribute otherwise it would not show. Even for local files.