Speculation – The Battery As An Energy Information Device

I was wondering. Could you treat a battery as a energy information device. But first a speculation.

If you treat a plant like a machine learning cell network. I guess the plant need energy but also information. It needs a signal to the network for further processing. A network is like a function(). You need input. I guess the parameters of the plant function gets updated by comparing the input light, sun spectra with the output light, green color. So the plant not only needs input information but also output information.

From this speculation I wonder. Could we create a artificial machine learning battery cell network. Could light as information input/output to the battery help energy storage, charging and power output?

I wonder if one can create a scientific battery to mimic a deep neural networks. The idea is that you can take after the plant leaves. That is. The battery cells sheets have short distances between input and output.

Then with the heat images from each layer I guess you can tell where there should be visible light ”losses”. By this I mean that the responding weight values should probably have been higher. Meaning not only heat radiation output is needed.