Project – Generate A 3D Object (Evolution And Machine Learning)

I will try to generate a 3D object from first training on a 3D object and then generating similar objects. To reconnect with one of my first blog posts. That about evolution and machine learning.

After my first attempt. The algorithm stumped. To many possible points. Then I remembered that blender had something of a flat 2D image that could be turned into a 3D object. I will try this. I hope I remember correctly. Havent found what Im looking for yet.

Still I hope this will make the problem much easier. A 2D image is a lot easier to generate than a 3d volume.

Something I think can be interesting is if machine learning can be used to create high detailed displacement maps. Because these would only need to be realistic looking. Creating lines and bumps might be possible and very effective.

Come to think of it. Generating textures should not be a problem. Any texture.

You just replace the images of digits with images of different textures of wood, stone, skin and more. Then let the machine learning classifier recognize the different textures. That is. Put a number on each type of texture. Then use a genetic algorithm to generate an image with a perticular id number as the target. You just generate until the system says its 99% sure its texture id #. That from any random start.