Idea – Could There Exist A Possibility To Separate A Summation Of Forces Or Momentums

We can pick out and identify different sounds in a melody. I will call this object separation.

So I wonder. Could the same thing be done with different things.

You often add forces together to get the resulting force. But I wonder. Could you reverse this or object separate the forces and identify the sources of the forces.

What would be needed to do this. Would the machine learning program have to listen to the noise in the object maybe?

Idea – Could Getting Thrust From The EMdrive Be A Balancing Act?

Philosophically. There should exist other instances where you need to use the concept of balance other than driving a segway. I wonder if the EM drive could be such a device.

So if getting thrust from the EM drive is a balancing act. Then you need to take advantage of machine learning to generate it.

Since you input a lot of instances of random reflections of microwaves in the chamber. Maybe noise cancellation should be a feature of the EM drive also.

From the principle of balance and that we use this to be able to walk. I wonder if you could propel a spaceship by climbing or walking in space. This by shifting balance on different space length contractions?

With this you could have two or more synchronized EMdrives working together.

This sounds like something out of science fiction but maybe something can be inspired from this idea.

Idea – Sound Buttons That Don’t Require Batteries For Raspberry Pi Projects?

I wonder if you could just skip the radio, battery and advanced electronics for simple buttons and toys.

The idea is simple. With python its possible to detect the frequency of a note. Maybe machine learning can detect the mechanically generated sound from physical buttons.

The idea is then that you can create controllers or other toys that don’t require electronics or batteries. The generated sound the button then makes (like a whistle or similar) controls what happens on the screen with help of a microphone, a Raspberry Pi and python.

Idea – Could There Exist A Linear Acceleration Air Conditioner ?

I was wondering what happens to molecules in the air when you accelerate them over a longer period of time.

Philosophically there should exist important inventions for the basic types of motions. So my idea is that we should see what could be done with linear acceleration.

From looking at a turbo air conditioner I was thinking that maybe one could just add acceleration chambers of smaller radius after each other. Like when you swing a weight attached to a thread around your finger.

Refugee Job Idea – Sponsor Small Online Coding Jobs For Refugees ?

I wonder if you could create a win win situation for refugees and the open source community. By sponsoring a refugee dedicated programmers coder bounty. I’m thinking this is beneficial for their future. Refugees get paid to learn to code like a pro from real problems.

*Even though the bounty could be solved someone else. I think there should exist more ways to provide aid. Sponsored work that provide a real benefit for the refugee could be one way I think.

Idea – Woho Got The M-audio Midi Keyboard To Work With My Raspberry Pi 2

I finally got the old midi keyboard M-audio Radium to work with my raspberry pi 2. I’m so glad. It has been in the apartment storage for so long. Now I can do everything on a pi with mobile as the screen. Program a game and make music with a simple midi keyboard and LMMS as the music software.

This is what I love about Linux.

To get it working

I used midisnoop on the pi to verify that the midi keyboard was working. After plugging in the keyboard you can check with ’aconnect -i’ in the terminal and it should show up. I had to do ’sudo apt-get install midisport-firmware’ in the terminal first.

Planning to do a pixelized international karate game. ikPixel.

Idea – Food Delivery Subscription For Pregnant Women?

Eating right is very important. Therefore I wonder if we could as a service unload some of the work done by the family in getting the food on the table. I mean. The list of different food items is pretty big.

We already have food services. Could they also offer something adapted for pregnancy.

Maybe ensuring that the family got these types of food in the needed frequency is as important as having written documentation . Or maybe more important.

Important Language Learning Idea – Dual Language Subtitles For TextTV And Youtube

The idea is very simple, cheap and effective.

Why don’t have a text tv overlay with two languages? With text tv. You know the old technology. We have an option to show subtitles or simply no subtitles. So why not mix for instance Arabic text and Swedish text for our news and morning shows. Together as one connected subtitle.

I think this could be an effective way to learn a new language like Swedish. This because its easier to learn visual text than to remember spoken words. Here you have everything at the same time. No reason to limit the learning experience.

For language learning in general. The will be an important idea if we do this for youtube or other online video.

That is. In youtube we should have the option to show two subtitle languages at same time.

Project Idea – Solar Ready Linux PC (Raspberry Pi + Smartphone + USB-Keyboard + Powerbank)

The idea is simple.

I was looking for a way to program on the phone and I think I found an interesting setup.

What I used was:

Smartphone (android)
A raspberry pi 2
USB Keyboard
Powerbank (5000mAh battery)
2 USB phone charging cables
Pillow (to lift both the keyboard and phone)

VNC viewer (android app)
USB Tethering (share Internet and connect with the Pi)
PIXEL (raspbian powered os on the raspberry pi)

To start with.

I connected the pi to the smartphone, keyboard and powerbank. You only need a usb charging cable for this. To use the phone as a computer screen you need VNC viewer. To connect you can use Internet sharing by USB. This will make it possible for the vnc viewer on the phone to connect the vnc server on the raspberry pi.

Then when your done. Why not put the phone and the keyboard on a pillow and the setup feels as good as a laptop. Sure the screen is smaller but since VNC has automatic scrolling when moving the mouse it does not matter so much. Just increase the font size. VNC has a built in mouse that works just fine. No need for an external.

I was surprised the setup worked so fine. Since it runs on a powerbank you could charge it with a solar panel.

Voila! And you get yourself a cheap solar mobile Linux PC.

Idea – Code Using A Chatbot

I was wondering how to improve programming on the smartphone. Then I got the idea that maybe its possible to code using a chatbot.

The idea is that by having a conversation with the chatbot. The bot could generate code, answer questions or provide guidance. For instance on error messages the bot could provide additional information given questions from a novice programmer.

I believe this idea opens up many possibilities.