Raspberry Pi Project – Evolution Of The Solar Powered Calculator

I wrote a long time ago about the possibility of running a computer or mobile on a limited amount of solar panel.

Because it works pretty well using the smartphone as a screen for the raspberry pi 2. I thought I give it a go with a small 7watts solar battery charger.

I will try this setup tomorrow. No sun here in Sweden at this time though. Actually I thought the solar panel battery charger was broken. I assumed it would work with LED or cfl lights in the kitchen. It did not. Ok I got 0.25 Volts after placing it near the cfl. Not enough for charging. Which means it wont show up on the smartphone or even light up a light emitting diode. However with natural sunlight it worked just fine.

An easy way to power the pi2 and the phone would be to have two 5000mAh powerbanks. One for solar charging and one for power.
The same idea really but with low power electronics your not so vulnerable of power cuts. So for those with a bad power grid. Why not have a computer like the raspberry pi2 in hand. Then you could continue coding or doing some office work (LibreOffice) on the pi with just two powerbanks and a solar charger.