Speculation – Database Search By Computer Enhanced Feelings

My guess is that everything you sense or think can generate feelings. Also since you base a lot of decisions on feelings generated in the brain. I wonder if this decision making enabler can be taken advantage of in computer applications.

So an important application is database search. Like when you google. Where you want to search through a lot of data fast. Then could not this search be enhanced by feelings. Computer feeling based guesses that makes the search much more accurate.

I assume this is possible since the feeling space is limited or rather small. That is. There are probably not a lot of very different feelings. If the computer knows the target feeling you want when you search then it can sort data faster. Much like sorting by color is faster than by object recognition. Also the selection will also be more accurate.

Another application could be the search for more life in the universe by adding a feeling component to the calculations. That is. Clustering the picture of the universe into different feelings.

So my idea is that you can enhance computing tasks by computerized feelings.

One easy way to do this would be to add something like a string of emoticons to your google search.