Idea – Could You Improve Your Reading Skills By Learning How To Guess Words?

Sometimes my eyes doesn’t focus properly because I am tired. Then it occurred to me. How much is reading and how much is guessing the word correctly. I assume this is an important skill especially for those who have trouble reading. Those with dyslexia for instance. I don’t know the best way to practice the guessing technique but I thought a first try would be to blur the text with different strengths and sizes.

So my idea is that by guessing the blurred text you get better at guessing the words and also at reading the text. Since your not so affected by poor visual quality.

I think this could be made into a teaching app. Guess the sentence of words from a blurred image.

Another idea is to have a ruler. In Linux this is easy. Just create a black bar in GIMP and then display it using the terminal command ’display’. Set the window to always on top for the image of the ruler and you good to go.