Idea – Stone Age Inspired Energy Extraction ??

My idea is simple.

Why not see if electricity powered friction could be used together with burning of coal, gas or other fuels.

Philosophically this represents an option so it should be beneficial for something. Like energy extraction maybe.

In the animation the rectangular box is the thermo photo voltaic cell. The device that turns heat into electricity. The cylinder is used as the heat absorber from the source and I put some friction generating cylinder on the other side.

The cylinder that makes the friction is suppose to rotate at a high rate. Powered by an electric engine making friction. Friction might be used for getting those high temperatures for the TPV cell.

I don’t know what the resulting effiency will be but maybe friction could enhance energy extraction. I mean friction is very connected for driving out heat from a material. Its not a perpetual motion machine though.

However I wonder what the temperature could be for the sparks generated from the friction interaction. I mean. If you light a match in strong winds it will quickly burn out. Spark elements are very small and seem to last in high velocity.