Idea – A New Text Based Programming Language Adapted For Writing On The Phone ?

My idea is simple.

We have a lot of programming languages like c++, python and others. But they are not so phone friendly. So why not invent a new programming language adapted for smartphones or feature phones. With their small screens and slow typing keyboard.

The reason could be to teach programming to a bigger part of the world. Those who only have computer that is the phone. To be able to learn a little programming they probably don’t need to write super long code. However I think the knowledge of writing simple text based code could go a long way.

The phone is the most common computer. We should have a free and open source programming language system on it.

Idea – Could You Improve Your Reading Skills By Learning How To Guess Words?

Sometimes my eyes doesn’t focus properly because I am tired. Then it occurred to me. How much is reading and how much is guessing the word correctly. I assume this is an important skill especially for those who have trouble reading. Those with dyslexia for instance. I don’t know the best way to practice the guessing technique but I thought a first try would be to blur the text with different strengths and sizes.

So my idea is that by guessing the blurred text you get better at guessing the words and also at reading the text. Since your not so affected by poor visual quality.

I think this could be made into a teaching app. Guess the sentence of words from a blurred image.

Another idea is to have a ruler. In Linux this is easy. Just create a black bar in GIMP and then display it using the terminal command ’display’. Set the window to always on top for the image of the ruler and you good to go.

Livelihood Idea – Basic Online Course For Using A Sewing Machine ?

The idea is simple.

Why not leverage the Internet to help people make a living using a sewing machine. Inspired by online courses. Like MOOC’s. Could not some major manufactures of these sewing machines help sponsor a basic online course for sewing.

To make this a global course I would like to push for sewing machines that can be powered by limited amount of solar power. Like a full size but low power direct current sewing machine.

To make things easier for those who then want to buy handmade pieces. I wonder if links to the participants business pages at facebook for instance could be shared at the site.

Idea – Fonts With Multiple Variations For Each Letter

My idea is simple.

If all the text in the book look exactly the same I assume its harder for the brain to remember it. I believe you need a little variation to call upon the handwriting recognition wet ware in the brain.

Therefor I think there should exist fonts that outputs variations of the characters without them looking all to different. Just as much variation one would think looks good.

One simple way to solve this could be to store the variation vector images for each character. So that maybe you have 5 variations of A’s and so on.

Idea – Does Physical Bodies Emit Invisible Light Dependent On The Velocity?

My idea is simple.

I assume a cooling mechanism in the physical world is emission by light. That is. Energy (light) removal from a body.

A thought experiment would then be that physical bodies emit invisible light dependent on its kinetic energy.

I guess this because if there is a maximum velocity for mass then any energy input that would result in a higher kinetic energy would have to be removed.

The fastest way to remove energy is by light. Hence bodies should be able to emit a kind of light dependent on the velocity.

Idea – Dedicated Hand Held Device For Scratch Powered By The Raspberry Pi ?

The idea is simple.

Why not put together a dedicated device running Scratch games powered by the raspberry pi zero chip.

I think you need to make a dedicated product if you are going to include batteries. So this should just be powered by Linux and the raspberry pi. Not for the kids to put together.

Then you have your raspberry pi 3 to program the games and the dedicated hand held game device to play on.

I think this could be very interesting.

Idea – Smart Path Recognition

Today was a sad day. Not only for Russia but for the whole world. I can’t say I know Russia. I mean its a big country and it should not be this way. I believe we need all the brain power we can get in this world. To adapt to climate change. To innovate.

I think you can innovate much faster and generate new information by looking at previous accomplishments and writing up hindsight stories. If they had done X and Y they would have figured out the hard part much easier. So if you can make the innovation process sound much smarter than it was then its a good thing.

By reading perfected innovation processes. Those in hindsight improved stories then your brain would learn to recognize smart paths.

Idea – Vertical Crops?

I was wondering if one could adapt the crops to a vertical grow path. Instead of layering soil in the air for vertical farming. That is. Instead of vertical farmland we have adapted vertical crops. Similar to vines, bushes and trees.

Also since rice is so important. Are there variates that could grow vertical?

Is there a better yield for bigger rice grains that you can later break up in smaller parts. That is. If you have a god rice variety that outputs twice the size of an ordinary jasmine rice. Why not just break such rice grains in two.

Idea – Link To The Job Seekers CV From The Mobile Phone Stored QR Code ?

The idea is simple.

Could job seeking become easier if you take advantage of the Internet and QR codes?

The idea is that job seekers could have their CV on a website and carry a generated QR code as a link. The idea is that the CV or PDF is automatically transferred to the employer just by them scanning a QR code.

Employers could set up self scanning service device for the QR codes and job seekers could send them the CV from it.

Idea – Record Your Exercises For Your Motivation

The idea is simple.

Why not record your training or exercises for future reference and motivation. An idea for a startup is to have some professional review the uploaded private videos to help and pep talk the participants. This idea is meant as a motivation tool in pursuit of a healthier life style especially for those adults with a weight problem. Being overweight raises your risk for diabetes . Check out .

Idea – MovieGame Experience

My idea is simple.

Would it not be fun to make a MovieGame. With todays advanced consols. It would be possible to cut in games in a movie. So with an action adventure film and at selected times in the movie your prompted if you want to play a related scene in a game.
Here you could continue the movie only if the player is successful.
So this could be a way to enhance older movies or new. That is with the movie running on the game console.

Political – Sharing Economical Cost By Switching To More Beneficial Government Loans ?

This is not my field. But I think might have something of a peace project type of an idea.

I wonder. Could the initial cost of taking in many refugees be shared among the countries of the world? The idea is that more countries would be more inclined to do so if this is the case.

Then maybe an idea would be that there are beneficial country size loans or write offs that could be offered by the world community.

Since this should be an efficient use of money. There should be a requirement for these loans and write offs that the refugees get into the workforce in a short time period since arrival.

I believe this could be seen as a peace project and as an investment in people.

Idea – Stone Age Inspired Energy Extraction ??

My idea is simple.

Why not see if electricity powered friction could be used together with burning of coal, gas or other fuels.

Philosophically this represents an option so it should be beneficial for something. Like energy extraction maybe.

In the animation the rectangular box is the thermo photo voltaic cell. The device that turns heat into electricity. The cylinder is used as the heat absorber from the source and I put some friction generating cylinder on the other side.

The cylinder that makes the friction is suppose to rotate at a high rate. Powered by an electric engine making friction. Friction might be used for getting those high temperatures for the TPV cell.

I don’t know what the resulting effiency will be but maybe friction could enhance energy extraction. I mean friction is very connected for driving out heat from a material. Its not a perpetual motion machine though.

However I wonder what the temperature could be for the sparks generated from the friction interaction. I mean. If you light a match in strong winds it will quickly burn out. Spark elements are very small and seem to last in high velocity.


Idea For Free And Open Source Software – Generating Realistic Objects/World From 3D Block Objects Using Machine Learning

My idea is simple.

Using machine learning it should be possible to generate a more realistic 3D model of a simplified 3D block object.

The blocks are just simple primitive 3D objects like different shapes of boxes and other primitives like planes, spheres and more.

The idea is that you put together the block objects into a crude model. Then you label it and let the machine learning software generate a more realistic model. This based on its previously trained samples and target models.

So if you build a house with these big blocks of shaped boxes then label it as a house or label it using a target image. The target image could be the inspiration data. The machine learning software will then generate a realistic looking house with much more 3D polygon detail.

Imagine something like a 3D game where you first build your world with big blocks and then let the software generate a realistic world from it. Pretty nice.

Idea – Does The Universe Use Distributed Error Information ?

I wonder if action at a distance could be made possible if you view an error as something that could be distributed. What I mean is that if you got a single error in the entire universe. Then its damn hard to find it. My idea is that information about the possible error that can occur in action at distance is radiated outwards in the universe. This from the start of the creation of that possible error. That is. I believe the universe shares risk information.

The below image explains the idea. Compare the two cases. One with no distributed error information and one with it. The universe with the error information is much more likely to be able to correct the error. The other universe will have to magically find the error with nothing to lead it right.

Climate Change – Rice

My girlfriend is from the Philippines. There everyone eats rice. Three times a day at least. As rice is the most eaten food in the world,  especially in Asia. I was wondering. In the future. If farmland is declining all over. Due to climate change.

Could we come together in the world to help grow rice wherever its possible.

So the idea is not to only have climate change resistant crops but also climate ready farmland.

Math Idea – Dependent Noise

Was playing with an idea. Just a half somewhat abstract idea.


What if a time series of data is not only the signal and noise. What if you have a signal, independent noise and dependent noise.

The dependent and independent noise can perhaps be like the image below.

Some of the noise has some mean characteristic. In this case the dependent noise goes around the circle doing its thing. Where as the ?independent noise just sits still and surrounds any object.

Then I wonder. Could you take a time data series and separate it into a signal, independent and dependent noise?

I think dependent noise is noise you can lead to an object. Be it a real object or why not some calculated object. In any case you can say the noise contribution belongs to this object.

Energy Idea – Using Thermo Photo Voltaic To Simplify Any Energy Extraction Process ?

The idea is simple. Because radiation is a much better energy carrier than mass. That is. It can hold much more hotter energy with it. Where as mass has different limits.

The way I see it. If you use mass like water. You are in fact using a poor functioning go between battery. This is similar to charging a power bank and then to charge the phone or computer with it. The efficiency this way is very bad.

I wonder if you just could use thermo photo voltaic to convert extracted energy to electricity directly instead. Close to the source or perhaps you could use a molten silicon based thermo energy storage device to capture heat at higher temperatures and then convert it to electricity using thermo photo voltaic.

So you have a smaller coal based power plant with molten silicon based thermo energy storage and thermo photo voltaic cells to convert the heat to electricity.

Startup Idea – Climate Change Mitigation Strategy

I could be that we are very unprepared for the effects of climate change. Foreknowledge costs money and I think I got an idea to minimize future demand and supply.

The thing is. I think we could achieve better climate change mitigation. Simply by predicting and preparing for the many different businesses and more needed in a future affected by climate change.

That is. We can think of the future needs or demand already now.

A start could be to simply plot the demand in every business sector as a function of say the temperature and see what needs to be done.