Monthly Archives: November 2016

Startup Idea – Subscription Based Clothes And Shoe Purchase Model For Families

Inspired by Spotify and their family subscription. Why not also help the world with a subscription model for clothes and shoes.

The idea is simple. You pay a low monthly fee and get to choose among thousands of clothes and shoes. The good thing is that if with enough subscribers families can get a discount. Large families can sometimes struggle with expenses.

With this idea a lot of expenses can be shared among the families of the world.


Startup Idea – Subscription Based Clothes And Shoe Purchase Model For Families (discount)

Idea – Write Protect Parts Of A Document

The idea is simple.

Sometimes you want to write protect text in a document. So why not invent a format so that you can define exactly what to protect.

Either lines and words and not just the whole file to write protect.

I thought this could work for Linux config files also. Write protect parts of the text so that even if you sudo nano file.conf. Some of the text is write protected. Like an extra sheet of protection. I mean. Some extra protection for config files I think could be useful for troubleshooting.


// Per Lindholm

Idea – How To Get Smarter

Have you like me felt that a question has the potential to make you embarrassed that you did not know the answer to.

Then why not make a training exercise of these type of questions.

So to get smarter. Design your own questions that gives the receiver the feeling of embarrassing uncertainty.

Training on these type of questions should make you more confident in the subject and therefore smarter.