Math Idea – Root Problem Description By Similarity Of Problems

I was wondering some time ago. Thinking about real problems. What if you could describe problems with just ones and zeros. What would it look like.

I believe the answer is simple. In linear algebra you can solve a set of equations with matrices and vectors. For instance Ax = b. This describes a problem with numbers.

So from this I wonder if you could get some useful information from taking the same high level problem. Simplify it and find a relation between the two ”different” problem descriptions.

So here you have A1x1 = b1 and A2x2 = b2. They are different but both come from the same high level problem. Here A2x2 = b2 could be a simplified approximation of the problem.

I speculate that if you could find the similarity of the problem descriptions. Maybe you could go back from the best approximation and iterate a better description and solution. The A0x0 = b0 description if you will. From this root description a better solution is easy to find.