Audacious Battery Idea – Energy Chip With Nano Fusion

The idea is simple.

(sudo apt install energy breakthrough)

Since fusion has the potential for large amount of energy from a small amount of fuel. Why make a large unit?

If nano fusion exist. Then my assumption is that it will be easier to find a working unit in this scale. Because of the less degree of freedom. Or the number of combinations of atoms are much less for nano scale inventions than for larger sizes.

Adding together these smaller units would then be easier than to create a single large unit.

I wonder if “nano” teleportation could be another mechanism for fusion. Built into a chip for ultra high accuracy. Superpositioning might not be such a problem.

This is not quantum teleportation (state teleportation) but particle teleportation.

Energy is then harvested like solar energy with an adapted solar cell.

Audacious Battery Idea – Energy Chip With Nano Fusion