Idea – Determinism And An Evolutionary Path Of Information

I started out thinking about determinism. Its pretty good because its kind of true and kind of not true. Then I thought. What about evolution. If freewill exists. Then it has to be evolved. This much must be true.

However I wrote in small blog post that ”evolution is just another kind of set generation”. By this I guessed that new species are new sets. Members of different species belong to different sets. Something like that.

If I then start with something small. An example of a set generation would be evolving bacteria. Bacteria or at least some of them are predictable until they mutate and evolve.

It has found a way to survive or one can say that it has found new useful information. I think this is the key.

Information can follow an evolutionary path.

It could be that we as persons are in the process of evolving information. But not necessarily successful or fast.

So the freewill of a person could be his ability to generate new information. Information that has not come from that person before. Even if the information is predictable like being able to write. The information how to write was not there in him before he learned it.

So to associate with the previous blog post about smart determinism. Smart determinism could be determinism that allows set generation.