Idea – Digital Offline Education ( Student Created Videos )

I have written before that you can use a smartphone for recording your own educational videos. Be it theory presentations, exercises, assignments or tests.

If you are doing a course or are planning on educating yourself I really suggest you start recording. The process of recording video is a very good motivator.

You want it to look good enough or as perfect as you can. This means you will redo the presentation several times. This process then makes you learn from looking, writing and speech.

Maybe in the future you can communicate with teachers in this way. From exchanging videos. Say you want to get into this particular school. Maybe a portfolio of videos could help.

In refugee situations maybe the student can create a weeks amount of videos on the smartphone. Then when Internet access is available they could be uploaded to a university for grading and feedback.

Using youtube reduce the size of the video on the smartphone. I got it down to 30MB for 6 min HD video.

Using handbrake and the h.265 encoder (software) on Linux I reduced a similar youtube compressed video at 17.1MB to 3.5 MB for 3:22 minutes. So about 1MB per minute. However this h.265 video were not viewable in the browser. However VLC (stand alone video viewer) worked fine.

screenshot 3:22 min video at 3.5MB
HandBrake settings. Using h.265 just for testing purposes.