Idea – Could WhatsApp Be Used For Education In Refugee Situations?

When in collage I sometimes communicated by phone with my dad for difficult assignments. First we used a fax machine for sending the problems. Then later we replaced it by email and a flatbed scanner. Today all this could be done using a simple smartphone and a software like WhatsApp.

So the idea is to use a smartphone to send images of exercises or theory to a teacher group. Who then respond by voice, textchat or maybe documents.

What if the teacher groups are international? Learning English could then be a major advantage. Exercises could be sent both ways. By request from the students or the teachers.

If there are not enough teachers availible for this or the cost will be to high. Maybe one can consider using older students. Who then after an exam get the qualifications. Here the student does not need to know everything. The questions from the learners are seperated to each teacher student based on their qualifications anyway.

So the teacher student might only need to know how to explain a number of exercises. I think this might be enough for some learners to get these over WhatsApp and then be able to ask questions.

If this works then maybe it could be an idea to sponsor an ”Education Basic” service for the telephone companies.

Education Basic would then be a free service sponsored internationally. Also maybe such a service could build upon my previous idea of an globally accesible international curriculum.

With a free service the students would not hesitate to use it for something so important as their education.