Idea – The Smart Educational Flower Pot

The idea is to educate yourself by doing instead of just reading. With an educational pot which monitors the plant health, soil and water content. You can begin to teach yourself how to manage your flowers.

The idea is that this smart pot sends information to your mobile and scores your handling of the plant. Somewhat like in games. I believe this can quickly improve your plant handling. At least I hope so. My handling so far has failed for too many types of flowers.

The idea is that once you have mastered the pot challenge for a number of different types of plants you can then handle the ordinary pots with ease.

So instead of a robotic grow machine. The problem could be that we need an inspiring fun hands on way to learn. Maybe this could be adapted for food production also. Learn how to grow food with a educational smart raised vegetables bed.

Idea – The Smart Educational Flower Pot