Idea – Engine Stove?

To start with I was thinking. Why should we burn gas directly for cooking? To me. We are wasting a lot of work energy potential.

So the idea is simple. Some of that energy in the gas could be used for mechanical work. Then there could exist an engine  enhanced gas stove that takes energy from the air with the mechanical work potential.

Maybe a piston engine connected to a turbocharger or compressor could work. The idea is that this would be more efficient than a direct contact between the cook ware and the burning gas.

So here I believe there is a potential for a new invention. A more efficient and safer? gas stove. The engine enhanced gas stove.

Come to think of it. Because of carbon monoxide an electric stove/oven is most definetly the prefered option. Instead of the usual gas powered stove.

Then why not a corresponding Electric stove. An engine enhanced electric stove/oven with a high Cofficient of Performance that uses hot air maybe.

So the reason is to make electric kitchen stove much cheaper to operate.