Desertification Idea – Cold Water Plant Storage For Atmospheric Watering

My idea is simple. I imagine a system in which you use cooled water in pipes to extract atmospheric water next to each plant. Somewhat like a drip irrigation system.

The idea is that this system would have a very little water usage. If you have a little cold water storage at each plant you should get water droplets on the outside of the container. Since the water container is cold this extracted water should not evaporate so quickly. The idea is that this allows the plant enough time to suck up the water. Partly because the soil is cooler.

I think this cold water bottle explains the idea. Use Water To Get Water.

Additionally I wonder if a storage of water near the plant could have a possitive impact on the temperature regulation of the soil. I think you could get that with computerized temperature regulation of the water in this the storage.

If the plastic storage is to be optimized then maybe the water storage container should also have something that looks like a plastic root. Something like a cone.

Also I think you need to spinn the cold water very fast in the container in order to get a better condensation effect.

Desertification Idea – Cold Water Plant Storage For Athmosperic Watering