Idea – How To Invoke Your Genius Potential

Taking advantage of your creative mind is not as hard as you might think. One way you can recognize people who think smart is their ability to summorize an idea into a couple words. That is. They have learned to name an idea.

Why is name generation so important? Well with a few words you can identify or build a new theory or category of ideas, products and more.

So to train your creative genious you start to come up with names for inventions. These names are just descriptive word combinations. By doing so I believe that when you get an idea subconsciously. Your brain will catch it and automatically generate a name for it. So the brain can further process the idea and remember it.

When you have learned this. You can easily generate hundreds of ideas.

A simple example. The info display at the mall feel a little intrusive. So we generate a descriptive name for the invention. Vertical display. So now you see. It does not need to be vertical. We then change that to tilted or horizontal display.

Idea – How To Invoke Your Genious Potential – Cat drawing