Speculation – Is Gravity An Environmentally Friendly Force?

My idea is perhaps not that easy. The reason I think we should think in environmentally friendly ways is that this provides an additional way of thinking.

Inspired by infrared radiation. I guess that gravity is also a consequence from protecting matter. The key to gravity is that this energy I believe leaves the matter by teleportation.

I’m a little bit unsure how it all fits together but one reason you need to teleport the energy is from newtons law of gravitation. F = G m1*m2/r² . Then as r goes to zero this should be singular. A solution to this error is to teleport the energy away because you can not destroy energy.

Further I believe energy teleportation is the reason why a weak force such as gravity can have such a long reach. Also. Maybe black holes could reduce the size of atoms as a philosophically derived possiblity. Being mostly empty? space.

So the idea is that the energy is teleported away before the situation gets singular or too concentrated. Because as I wrote energy can not be destroyed.



The key to gravity is teleportation // Per Lindholm