Faster Web Idea – Sending Web Page + Cache Weights

My idea is simple. I think we should use machine learning to create Smart Caches. The target of the Smart Cache is then to cooperate better with the web server. The cache is as you might have guessed neural network or machine learning based. Since the weights of a deep neural network takes a long time to learn. I suggest the server pre-calculates the weights and sends the information to the viewers browser. Maybe you could split the decision to server side data suggestions and client side profile preferences. So when these coincide you get information on what to best fill the cache with for data. So the idea is to create neural networks specialized on caching web content. I think the smart cache “brain” could be divided into one big file of weights and data common to all sites and smaller files with site specific weights and data. Which could be downloaded from a common site. The reason is that the large weight file could be rather big. Maybe hundreds of megabytes. // Per Lindholm