Idea – Hardware Hopping And Why Its A Good Thing

What should we do if some company decides to take over the little fun we still have? I mean this would be very sad for the Raspberry Pi community. I don’t want this in our future. Like the different Linux distributions I think its a good thing if we could get a large group of those mini computers competing. Then with hardware hopping there is a chance of long term survival.

But is there a chance for cooperation. I think maybe one could start with a site for news, ideas and feedback from the users. Like there is a . Here all the mini computer devices get represented.

One such popular idea is to include a open source game engine like Godot Engine with the operating system. So in a Raspberry Pi kit. Instead of just adding a keyboard. You also add a game controller.

Another idea for the hardware would be for less monitor cables. With a lot of devices it will be annoying to keep switching cables. Therefore why not develop a fast wireless monitor connection. With lossy video encoding this should be possible. So the only thing you need to plugin should be the power.

Hardware Hopping For Raspberry Pi Clones And Why Its A Good Thing