Idea – Retrospective Power Sentences For Idea Generation

Ideas are essential and has great potential for generating value. In this post I will describe what I call retrospective power sentences. These are sentences I formulate after I’ve come up with an idea. That is. This sentence is some general statement that has some guessing power. As an example. From your own ability to recognize letters you can learn to draw them. That is.

“What you can recognize you can also generate”. From this created sentence you can make many guesses. One surprising guess is that you can probably prove a axiom is close to being an actual axiom by recognition.

Another idea would be to attempt to understand the difficult problem of turbulence. A second sentence of mine is “enough information for generation”. With these two sentences perhaps there is a chance to handle turbulence. First you train a neural network on turbulence images. Then after it can recognize turbulence. The idea is then that you can use the generation capability with the Naiver-Stokes equations as enough information.

If this turns out to be true. You can formulate another sentence. “Every problem can be solved by assuming the problem has a recognition part and a math equation part.”

Idea – Retrospective Power Sentences For Idea Generation. From math equations to generation from training by recognition.