Idea – Is There A TV Gaming Potential For The Raspberry Pi 3 Under Kodi?

It just seems so natural. Could the Raspberry Pi 3 also be a platform for gaming on the TV. As a device to promote programming. I believe you could have tutorials for creating games that could have many possibilities for personal configurations. Since you could alter a webpage with HTML/CSS why can’t you have something like Linux Gaming CSS where you could customize the game to your own liking. Add your own assets and so on. Then if you could share that game with others and run it under Kodi. Then with the smartphone as a readily available Wifi-controller you would have a seriously fun platform.

Did some playing around earlier in Godot Engine. A complete game tutorial could be made in such an environment. Perhaps then they the authors could sell or have advertising for the videos as a way to finance those tutorial projects. It will be like the write your own game book I had back from the Commodore 64 times. Only this time a much more modern version.