Idea – Using A Intermediate Vector Representation For E-learning

I don’t think the free Wi-Fi project in Philippines need to be super fast right away. Even if it sure would be better. Obstacles like slow speeds are just problems that inspire new solutions. The idea I had borrows a lot from . Who has such a innovative solution for the problem of delivering educational content across a slow link by means of vectorization of the video. I think one could generate new videos if you do the vectorizing directly from writing on a tablet. The idea is then that students could make and share their own e-learning content. To better themselves and earn more confidence in their ability. Further I thought. You don’t need a new format for this to work. You only need to use the vector representation as an intermediate when transferring the video over a slow link. Ones you have got the vector video transfered. Some software installed on your phone or tablet/PC will just generate a .mp4 version. I think this way will be much easier to maintain since you don’t need to maintain the video player also.