Idea – Smart College Education

Thinking about a way to make use of college time for dropouts. A lot of time and money and heartache gets wasted because of bad choices we make or bad things happens to us for no other reason than coincidences. Why should we only have an all or nothing approach.

My suggestion is that we think and optionally adapt college education in a smart way. The change is not major but could very well be a life saver. The idea goes as follows.

The first year the student studies some of the subjects belonging to the main profession but at the same time he or she studies and gets credentials for a backup job. Here I think web development or something similar could be considered. The following years he or she will then continue with the main profession of choice.

Because there will probably always be a lot of dropouts from college. I think we should adapt intelligently to that. For whatever reason they don’t always have the strength or money to start a new education. With this idea the dropouts could start to work even if they dropped out already after one year. Also for those completing the main courses. A backup job for the same price could prove useful.

Random Guess – Is The Central Limit Theorem A Factor In The Explanation Of The EmDrive?

I don’t know the physics of this. So this is just my random guess. Since the Emdrive is dependent on microwaves bouncing in a cavity. I assume they will bounce randomly. This makes me wonder if they will make something in the cavity conform to a normal distribution. Maybe potentially conflicting with the conservation of momentum law forcing it to move. Basically my guess is that because the Central Limit Theorem is involved in randomness and the EmDrive depends on randomly bouncing microwaves these are connected.

Idea – Phone Cylinder v1.0

As an imagination exercise why not try to design a new style phone. You can like me use the free Blender 3D software to do this. My idea is to model it using an elliptical cylinder over a flat screen. My original idea was to emulate an glass pearl with a deep color. But I think this design looks quite nice. Even if glass bends light. I believe if you can recognize the objects looking fairly ordinary then you would accept a little distortion. Apart from looking interesting the feeling of holding the phone should be better than with todays flat screen or half flat screen phones.

Phone Cylinder By Per Lindholm
Phone Cylinder By Per Lindholm Side view

Poverty Fighting Idea – Job Café

The idea is very simple. Like there exists Internet Cafés with computers you can rent for your entertainment. Why can’t there exist Job Cafés with tools and machines you can rent for a small sum. Lets say the Job Café is equipped with sewing machines. Then people can make money using them without putting up any large sums themselves. I believe this idea could be used in poverty stricken areas.

Poverty Fighting Idea – Job Café Cheap Space And Machines

Innovative Idea – Script Language Support For Salary Systems And Other Software Systems

My idea is simple and innovative. To increase effectiveness in system management many manual tasks have to be avoided. Especially if it involves many people. The idea is then to implement a dynamic feature in the software. What I had in mind is a script language like Python or similar. Python is just a programming language of choice. It could be others. The employee could then after some training program scripts to solve repetitive tasks. The computer could then since its very fast do this in seconds even if you have hundreds of small similar tasks. Such manual labor could otherwise take a week to finish. This idea would also avoid a lot of software development because you would no longer need support in making new special features. Also popular scripts could be shared within the whole user base. This means not everyone needs to be an expert programmer for this idea to work.

Simple example


For person in database

if person is available Monday 10.30-12.00 AND person has not worked full hours
print person


Idea – Flowers On A Winter Balcony?

Thinking about ways to enhance winter farming using added thermal energy I got this little idea for an invention. Why wait for warmer weather when you want to have flowers on your balcony. I think it might be possible to have plants in a transparent, tempered and insulated construction. If the natural light is insufficient during the dark winter months then some special LED lights would probably do.

Idea – Flowers On A Winter Balcony?

Idea – A Past, Present And Future Method For Learning?

The idea is simple. I think we ordinary learn with past experiences trying to understand in an incremental way. What if the brain also can take advantage of a future step in this process of learning. If we know where the knowledge is going next then maybe the brain can take advantage of this and organize in a simpler manner. So the idea is that we teach the present step and just a little bit of the future step during the same time period. Because the future step has been presented a little the guess is that this step will be learned a little faster and more connected than with the ordinary incremental way. An example would be teaching about derivation and during the same time period present a little about integration.

I think this shows how you can create different learning paths and not just the forward incremental way.

Idea – Desert Greening Getting Some Kind Of Blueprint

A guess I often use is that for things there exists counter factors. Meaning that if something is very easy there is a another related thing that gets hard. Applied that to desert greening. I wonder if we are making it to hard trying to green flat fields. To me that is kind of similar to a farm field. Which is good for growing crops fast. But requires handling.

Also in farmland soil you don’t want a lot of rocks in various sizes. Again this makes it easier to farm. But what is the function if any of the rocks in the soil? Natural soil have rocks and stones so maybe they are needed to keep the soil intact and resilient or something.

Could the tech industry get involved in greening the desert? I mean there is a push for Internet Of Things. The desert is also a thing that really needs some attention.

How do we create a fail proof strategy for greening the desert? Could we monitor different solutions and the environment (wind and temperature and more) with new sensors. Could we use simple gaming AI for simulating living organisms. Could we then calculate different plausible blueprints?


Idea – Moisture Pump?

The idea is simple. Because there exist heat pumps why not guess an innovation based on that. Just simply by changing the word heat to something else.

However this was not how I guessed that there should probably exist a moisture pump. I got it from learning that wood is used in a hugelkultur to capture water. Then I thought. We got water damage in a summer house a long time ago and it takes a lot of energy to dry the wood.

This makes me suspect that maybe moist wood has the ability to draw more moisture from the air. Making it harder to dry it.

If it is so. Then wood could serve as an inspiration for a moisture pump. With a moisture pump that has a higher efficiency then condensation by cooling. We could use that in agriculture or desert reversal.


Idea – Man Made Molten Rock (Lava) As An Energy Storage?

Because volcanoes are a terrifying display of energy. Could this inspire a new energy storage. In comparison with pumped hydro. Could we develop man made molten rock or lava as a way of storing energy? Not tapping into a natural source but actually making our own molten rock.

Because the material is so very very cheap (rock) compared to Litium Ion batteries. I think this is definitely worth the research. Also using lava should mean no metal shortages.

Idea – Man Made Molten Rock (Lava) As An Energy Storage? Image taken from

Idea – Self Paced School Courses For Out Of School Children In The Slum?

Because of poverty and other reasons many children do not go to school. From my experience with MOOCs. It was easier to complete a course if it was self paced. The idea is therefore that maybe with the help of technology. We could have a self paced schools. To accommodate the special circumstances these children live in. So that the school is always an option even if you missed out of some of it earlier. Then why not turn nearby computer shops to learning centers. Maybe they could get government money for the management. Then in the learning centers the pupils could all watch different lectures in their own pace and get help from assistants.

Idea – Self Paced School Courses For Out Of School Children In The Slum?

Idea – Desert Reversal?

The idea is simple. Just by looking at a desert. I see plane fields of sand. This makes me wonder if deserts “prefer” non hilly grounds. If so could we then change a little the typology of the desert to better support life? Maybe the non constant ground elevation or other differences could give life a better foothold. Are there other constructions than the Pyramids that would withstand the desert? What would they look like and what effect would they have? After seeing ”Allan Savory: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change” on youtube I wonder if one can optimize the surface so the number of grazing animals need not be that many.

Some other idea generating videos are

hugelkultur – the ultimate raised garden beds

Solar Electric Tractor Model 12 – Steve Heckeroth


Idea – Desert Reversal By Construction ?

Idea – Natural Aid For Cooling Of Buildings?

My idea is simple. Why not take inspiration from nature. We all know that when we sweat the water that vaporizes takes away a lot of heat. I thought maybe the water dew that is collected on plants have the same effect. If so could we mimic that ability so that the building surfaces could take advantage of the water in the air or maybe the increased humidity in the building. If surfaces like the window is changed to hold and take advantage of the dew. Maybe the energy requirement for cooling the building is then later reduced.

Idea – Natural Aid For Cooling Of Buildings?

Idea – An Additional Parallel School Online?

I constantly read complaints that the quality in school is lacking. So why not take advantage of the Internet and the possibility for cooperation. Sharing of content and resources. Both material and teachers. The idea I had was if we could have a parallel version of a national school online. Common for all children in the country. A school that could compliment the traditional teaching or be a backup for when the local class or school temporarily fails or otherwise. A smart duplication of the resources for the students. So for example. If the math teacher is away some day. The children could continue their education online. Another interesting thing is if we could match students with different teachers. With online teachers this could perhaps prove a successful way forward.

Idea – An Additional Parallel School Online? Sharing of teachers.

Guessing – Virtual Cell Towers?

I’ve read that lasers can be bend. This makes me wonder if it is possible to have bend radio waves also. Imagine you could send concentrated radio energy upwards that would later bend to mimic a omni directional antenna. If such a thing is possible then you would not need that many cell towers and the cost would be much less.

Idea – Using A Intermediate Vector Representation For E-learning

I don’t think the free Wi-Fi project in Philippines need to be super fast right away. Even if it sure would be better. Obstacles like slow speeds are just problems that inspire new solutions. The idea I had borrows a lot from . Who has such a innovative solution for the problem of delivering educational content across a slow link by means of vectorization of the video. I think one could generate new videos if you do the vectorizing directly from writing on a tablet. The idea is then that students could make and share their own e-learning content. To better themselves and earn more confidence in their ability. Further I thought. You don’t need a new format for this to work. You only need to use the vector representation as an intermediate when transferring the video over a slow link. Ones you have got the vector video transfered. Some software installed on your phone or tablet/PC will just generate a .mp4 version. I think this way will be much easier to maintain since you don’t need to maintain the video player also.