Idea – Helping People Living In Slums To Create Their Own Startup

I got an idea how the international community could help people living in slums to create their own startup or improve their capability to earn a better living. The idea is simple. Why not evolve Internet Volunteering. I imagine you could have a site similar to Indiegogo where you can match volunteers and the people in need of their assistance. Here the volunteers could cooperate with the people to build websites. Perhaps you could also have business related software together with the website. Adapted for mobiles. Online data would be secured if the mobile gets broken. This idea will benefit both the people and the volunteers since nothing beats a CV that makes a difference.

Thinking about this further. Maybe its better to educate them to build website and web software themselves. Even if the Internet speed is not great. It should be possible to get higher speeds internally between the Service Providers of the country. At least this should work within the same service provider. The idea is that one could build up experience from doing Internet jobs well before the speeds to different countries gets acceptable. With this you would get a more experienced Internet workforce.

Idea – Helping People Living In Slums To Create Their Own Startup via Internet Volunteering