Idea – A Competition For Useful UI’s For Search Engines?

Since we have many talented programmers in the world. Why not create a user interface challenge competition for a Internet search engine . My solution to selecting the best default UI would be where the user had the possibility to change the interface to many of the submitted. This would be done in a testing environment. With ongoing statistics the programmer could then change things to make the interface effortless, practical and smart. I think this evolution like approach would give the best results. Some features I came up with for a UI were.

Similar Page Search. Here you select your search link and the let the server find similar pages. The similarity could be in the text or images.

Keyword Search Panel. A panel where you could select the searches to store for later use.

Search Profile. Here you could select another search profile. Maybe an expert of soccer or some other sport. This would make it easier to find expert info.